Lion wasn’t feeling well last night. I postponed his punishment yet another night. At what point should I just cancel it? I’ve done that in the past. The truth is, Lion needs to be spanked. He’s probably long overdue. He was probably long overdue when I decided to punish him the other day. I’ve even thought about deducting time when it’s my fault for postponing it. After all, he gets time added for bad behavior. Shouldn’t he get time deducted for my “bad” behavior? I don’t think that would work. His reward for my postponing it is having a non-sore butt for another day. His sigh of relief is his reward.

The other night, Lion had a ruined orgasm. That’s supposed to be a spankable offense. I only agreed to it because Lion wanted me to agree to it. I think it’s a stupid idea. Should I add minutes to his punishment because he wasn’t feeling well last night? It’s not his fault any more than a ruined orgasm is his fault. If anything, a ruined orgasm is my fault. I didn’t stop in time. It doesn’t matter if he gave me a warning or not. If I was feeling particularly mean, I could create a ruined orgasm just to have a reason to spank him. He might have given me a warning, and I just didn’t stop in time – on purpose. Is that fair? I don’t think so.

I also don’t think it’s right to spank him for not getting it up. This is a little bit of a gray area, though. Spanking turns Lion on. Knowing he’s about to get one is sometimes enough to arouse him. Sitting on sore buns might also arouse him. The actual spanking turns him off. It’s difficult to be aroused when someone is blistering your butt. I assume some men have raging hard-ons during a spanking, but Lion is not one of them. I’m still willing to entertain the idea of spanking him for this. I may not use it often, if ever, but it’s a plausible concept.

Where do we stand with the current punishment? I want to say I’ll be whomping him tonight, but I know it’s not that simple. Shit happens. Right now, he’s due for ten minutes. If he does something stupid between now and then, he’ll have time added. He should be on his best behavior if he wants to avoid more time.

By the way, the last time I punished him, I was a bit overzealous. He told me I was hitting too hard. Sometimes he says that, and I’m not. I was the other night. I was annoyed at the dog. I took it out on Lion. This is why I’ve said I don’t want to whomp him when I’m angry at him. I don’t ever want to go overboard. The obvious response to his saying I’m hitting too hard is for me to back off. Is this the right thing to do? It depends on whether he’s just yelping to yelp or yelping because I’m actually hitting too hard. Theoretically, we have built-in rest areas. Lion may think it’s because my arm is tired (sometimes it is) or that I’m admiring my handiwork (and sometimes I am), but occasionally I pause to give his buns a chance to catch their breath, so to speak. I think it might help me if he said “yellow” if I needed to back off because I’m hitting too hard. Not just to get a break, but because I am approaching his limit. I haven’t hit it yet, but I’m redlining. Think of it as a warning light on your dashboard. You better stop what you’re doing when it comes on, or things may go very bad very quickly. If I don’t want to break Lion, I need to pay attention to the warning lights.

[Lion — I am aware of my safewords. I thought of calling “Yellow” last week but decided not to. If I say that Mrs. Lion is hitting too hard, that means I think she is. But, and this is important, it hasn’t reached the point that I would safeword “Yellow.” She can safely consider it just a particularly poignant yelp.]

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  1. Seems like all that authority he wants you to have would include the authority not to spank him for something he can’t control and which you think is a “stupid” reason to punish him.

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