I Wouldn’t Put It On Ice Cream

When you think about eating semen, do you catch yourself making a “yuck” face? Most men and many women don’t particularly like the taste or smell. That’s probably why requiring ingestion of semen is a very popular thing to make submissive partners of both sexes perform.

Men, in particular, love to brag that they are forced to consume their own semen. I agree that the idea is very hot and the reality less than thrilling. Since, consuming requires ejaculation, the required eating comes at a time when almost all men are least interested in anything sexual or submissive. Maybe that’s what makes it so exciting. There is no escaping the fact that nothing feels sexy just after coming.

Many years ago when I was single, I was chatting with a dominant woman friend. I mentioned that I thought it would be hot to be made to eat semen. She said she could arrange it. She would invite a man over and have me suck him off. Whoa! I told her that wasn’t what I had in mind. She replied that it is no challenge to eat my own and isn’t semen just semen no matter who makes it?

I told her that I thought there was a big difference. She asked me what it was. I was stuck. Isn’t it gay to eat another man’s semen ? Is it less gay to eat my own? I wouldn’t do either voluntarily. I’m much more willing to eat what I make. There is a certain justice to that. I made it, so it is fair that I clean it up. My friend pointed out that if I sucked a man’s cock, wasn’t I making that semen too?

I quickly changed the subject. Some women, like Julie, require their husbands to consume any semen  they produce no matter where it is deposited. The men like to whine about it, but clearly find the concept exciting and don’t really mind the post-orgasmic snack.

I suggested this to Mrs. Lion on several occasions. Once in blue moon she will feed me some of my output. She actually likes the taste and considers it a treat. For the record, she told me that she has always liked it regardless of who produced it. So much for me creating a gourmet treat. Since I had a vasectomy many years ago, my semen is rather tasteless. Nevertheless it isn’t something I want on ice cream.


  1. Been there done that. Before I started chastity there was a time when every time I came, I came into a shot glass. The shot glass would then go back into the freezer. After twenty or so orgasms, my Queen would make me an ice cream sundae. The sauce over top was my thawed out cum. It certainly changed my concept of an ice cream sundae! lol

    1. Author

      It’s a good thing you like ice cream.

  2. He doesn’t always have to eat it, only always when we’re in our femdom/malesub perspective. When he’s being maledom, I am required to swallow; or sometimes, if it’s in my pussy or bum, I’m not allowed to clean up and it dribbles onto the floor or into my panties. Who eats it / experiences it is absolutely a sign of dominance in our household.

    1. Author

      Mrs. Lion loves eating it. I’m not complaining!

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