A Better Weekend

I made the possibly unpopular decision to give Lion an oral orgasm the other night. I know he loves blow jobs. I know I said I’d ride him. I just thought he’d been waiting a pretty long time and showed no signs of being able to maintain the hardness needed for Lion riding. Did I give up on him? In a way, I guess I did. However, I have not given up on Lion riding.

After a certain point, Lion isn’t as excited as he was at the beginning of a wait. Once his horny batteries have recharged, he needs a little help to rev the engine up, but then he’s ready to roll. He hasn’t been super hard lately, but that’s probably my fault. I don’t do enough to get him there. He needs a certain amount of pomp and circumstance. My initial goal was to tie him to the bed and ride him. I just made him wait too long for it. I should have given him an orgasm in the last days of September to allow him to recharge for his birthday.

Reverse cowgirl position works best for us.

I don’t really want to promise anything because we’re still having residual issues from the flooding to deal with, but I’m hopeful that he’ll be ridden sometime this weekend. There’s no rush, of course. Unless you’re Lion, and then there’s certainly a rush. He wants to be ridden. Now. Right now. Right this very second. There’s also the matter of a dog kennel to put together and a dog bath and pawdicure. And let’s not forget the furry Lion who will need to be waxed.

Speaking of waxing, if I play with him while he’s all oiled up, it might be enough of a primer for a hard enough erection for Lion riding. I know he gets very excited when he’s slathered in oil, and I play with him. (He may be hard just reading this.) If I add a soapy shower for two to get rid of the oil, he should be ready.

If all goes to plan, Lion is in for a very nice weekend. It should certainly be better than last weekend.