I Smell A Spanking Coming And A Money-Saving Tip

As you might imagine, I’m a very frustrated critter. Mrs. Lion has prevented me from ejaculating for 19 days, well 18 as of when I am writing this post. Monday night, she mercilessly edged me over and over. She seemed pleased with herself when she decided to stop. A couple of times, she got dangerously close to a ruined orgasm.

Ok, it was fun for me too. Mrs. Lion is very determined to get the results she wants when she starts sucking me. She was very successful on Monday night. She succeeds with everything she sets out to do. Her spanking technique is as good as any I have seen. It’s been nine days since my last spanking. I guess I’m due for one very soon. Since Mrs. Lion has become so effective, I lost my interest in shopping for paddles. She has more than enough for me, thank you very much.

I have to admit that I’m feeling grumpy. Being very horny does that to a guy. I know, that’s a lion problem. Well, I am! This could get me into trouble when Mrs. Lion gets home from work. We have dog training tonight, and I’ve growled at PetSmart for the low quality of the training we’ve received.

A growing number of bloggers are trying to make money by moving their “good” content to Patreon and other pay-to-read websites. Certainly, the desire to get a few bucks out of our work is understandable. My problem is that the lowest quality content providers seem to be the ones who are trying to lure unsuspecting readers to part with their money. Anything you want is available for free if you look. Spanking stories abound on the free web. If you read a teaser that is supposed to start an exciting story that directs you to the paysite, do yourself a favor and hit the “back” button. The best sites remain free, especially sites that are about F/M or M/F spanking and domination. Don’t waste your money.

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  1. Where there is a fee for content, authors try to post the most successful, in their opinion, work. Although yes, there are still a lot of free resources, if you are not lazy to search.

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