Does It Matter What Day It Is When I Ride Him?

Lion won’t mind, I’m sure, but I keep thinking his birthday is Friday. I know it’s the ninth. I keep thinking the ninth is Friday. It would mean Lion would get his orgasm a day early. He wouldn’t argue with that.

He’s not exactly chomping at the bit. He’s horny. He’s not super horny. There’s nothing wrong with not being super horny. He can’t always be super horny. I love it when he is. He seems extra hard. But regular hard is wonderful too. I’ve been known to work with any kind of horny. As long as he’s “up” for his birthday ride, it’s all good.

I certainly got him close last night. I’m pretty sure he was within a second or two of coming. I was playing with fire. If he’d had an orgasm, I don’t think he would have recovered in time for this weekend’s fun. I have to walk the fine line between keeping him wanting more and going too far. The obvious answer would be to leave him alone until I’m ready for the main event. The problem is that he may actually lose interest if I don’t keep reminding him how much he wants to come.

Tonight is the dog’s second to last puppy training class. We’ve been getting home, eating, and settled in fairly late from that. Plus, Lion tends to be tired after all the exertion. I am too, but he’s not used to being out and about. I don’t think we’ll do much more than snuggle tonight. I may get my weenie a little excited, but he probably won’t get near the edge.

On the plus side, it’s been getting rainier and cooler around here, so snuggling under the covers is easier since I’m cold too. Over the summer, it was difficult because Lion would be under the covers, and I’d be sweating on top. He’d be cold when he came out, and when I went under, I’d be hot. It’s nice to be able to hunker down together again.