There’s Always Next Weekend

I got annoyed yesterday. Mostly it was the dog jumping around like an idiot, not leaving me alone. Part of it was probably Lion too. Part of it was me. I always try to plan out what I’ll do on the weekend and I never get half of it done. This weekend was supposed to be the fence but we know what happened there. I could have picked myself up and dusted myself off and gotten started on the next item on the agenda, but it’s easier to sit around licking my wounds.

I never did get the laundry done. We made chicken soup. I had to hang out and help Lion. It’s not like I couldn’t have thrown the laundry in during that time. I reasoned it was only 2:30. I had time. We watched the football game. Amazingly, our team won – in overtime. I was sure they are going to lose on a last second field goal like the had the past few weeks. After the game I realized the clock in the kitchen had stopped. So much for 2:30.

The garbage needed to go out. Ideally, I would have done that before it started raining, but where’s the fun in that. I can’t got out the front door without the idiot dog following me so I had to lock her in the bedroom. You’d think I’m killing her by leaving her inside. She yowls and screams bloody murder. Lion had to sit with her just to keep her calm.

By the time I was done making and cleaning up from dinner and cleaning up from making the soup, it was late. By late I mean it was after 8:30. I took a shower and Lion was snoozing. Secretly, I was relieved. I didn’t really want to do anything sexual. Around 11, I remembered the laundry I had done last weekend was still in the dryer. I hit the wrinkle refresh setting and managed to get some clean clothes ready for this week. Maybe I’ll get around to doing the other load tonight. Ha!

There’s always next weekend.