“Just” Six More Days

Based on her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion is very aware of how long she makes me wait to ejaculate. She casually said that it’s only six more days until my birthday. No big deal. Not for her. For me, it will be 22 dry days. That’s twice as long as my average. She’s sure I will remain horny because, after 1,266 days, I will have vaginal sex again. That is a huge amount of time between fucks for anyone.

That’s not as bad as it sounds. Over the last six months, all of my sex has been in Mrs. Lion’s mouth. I love that. It’s my favorite orifice. I wasn’t incredibly happy with handjobs. It’s the least personal form of sex. Sure, it’s fun, but let’s face it, it requires the least involvement of the woman. It’s the most portable form of sex. A woman can jerk a man off nearly anywhere. Unzip, tug, and you’re done. For a long time, Mrs. Lion’s hand produced almost every orgasm.

Our sexual history has always been a little unusual. The first few times we had sex, it was anal. Over the years, vaginal sex was in the minority when it came to what we did. I’m not sure why, but it was. As Mrs. Lion lost interest in getting off, my releases moved to her hands or mine. Most of the time, I jerked off when alone. Every few weeks, she would do it for me. She wasn’t aware that I was doing it myself. When she learned I was, she made the first rule that I was not allowed to jerk off.

I never really understood why that is so important to her. It saved her work. It wasn’t much fun for me. I did it just to release tension. The last time was 2,836 days ago when she made me do it while she watched. I don’t miss it. Even though I’m very horny, I’m not tempted to end the draught. If I feel a strong temptation, I will ask to be locked into one of my male chastity devices. Those devices trained me not to masturbate.

Mrs. Lion kept me in a male chastity device 24/7 for over three years. I was only released when she wanted to jerk me off or let me clean thoroughly. My hands were never allowed near my penis. The training worked. No matter how upset I am that she won’t make me ejaculate, I don’t think about taking matters into my own hand.

Women don’t think this is a big deal. Many have never masturbated. I started when I was 11 years old. I’ve been shaving less time than I’d been jerking off. So yes, it is a big deal to guys. It’s also a big deal to have to wait “just” six more days. That’s a very long time for a horny lion. [Mrs. Lion — I did say I wasn’t the one waiting. I know (think) he’s at the stage where a stiff breeze will make a stiff weenie so I’m sure each day feels like an eternity. He just has to focus on his birthday present of vaginal sex at the end of his almost-longest wait.]