We may have crossed a line. Mrs. Lion spanked me on Sunday night. She didn’t say why she was doing it. I assume it was for annoying her, but I’m not sure. I didn’t want to be spanked. I know, who would? I was seriously unhappy about it. Mrs. Lion stopped after five minutes. She declared that I would be feeling it when I sat down. For the record, she’s right. It was a seriously unpleasant experience.

After she finished, I said that I didn’t know if I wanted to be spanked anymore. She replied that if she didn’t spank me, what would she do if I broke a rule. I didn’t answer. I wondered if she was serious. It was the last thing I expected her to say. If she was, then we both crossed a line. I learned that I genuinely don’t want to be spanked. I’m not saying that I won’t find thinking about being spanked a turn-on. I hate being spanked.

If Mrs. Lion meant what she said, she has decided that punishing me is a real part of our marriage, not just an activity I asked her to do for me. I always assumed that if I got tired of domestic discipline, she would stop. Based on Sunday night, she won’t.

At the time we began domestic discipline, I agreed that my consent wasn’t revokable. The reason for this is that if I was serious about needing discipline, I had to recognize that a  time would come when Mrs. Lion would perfect punishment, and I would almost certainly want out.

This isn’t like male chastity, which is a sex game that is male-initiated. Ending the game isn’t a life-changing decision. Ending domestic discipline is. I get it. I surrendered control. Mrs. Lion is in charge and can punish me as she sees fit. The fact that she punishes me in a way that makes me seriously unhappy isn’t a reason for her to stop. It’s a reason for me to understand that DD isn’t a game. If I displease her or fail to obey her, I’m going to be unhappy. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work?

I realize that most of the people who write about DD aren’t completely serious about it. The sexual component drives it. That’s how it has been for us. The “just because” spankings are intended to recharge my sexual batteries as well as to remind me what happens if I misbehave. I’m not saying that Mrs. Lion should stop administering them. I hope they will be much less frequent.

If Mrs. Lion is serious, the chances are good that I will be punished frequently until I learn not to interrupt her. I have to be much more careful about her feelings when we talk. I support this. If she is working to catch me, she will also become more aware of what bothers her. Expressing her feelings is very healthy. Whether I like it or not, punishing me for upsetting her is good for both of us.

I guess we’ve finally gotten to the point where domestic discipline is truly effective. It’s taken a long time, but we are there. I have to admit that I’m not very happy about it.

I didn’t feel like spanking Lion last night. I’m pretty sure he didn’t feel like being spanked. Rather than let it slide, I decided the show must go on. I brought the spanking bench in and got it all set up. Lion didn’t take the hint. I had to invite him to get in position. While he has automatically gotten into place in the past, I haven’t made it a requirement. As long as he does it when he’s told to, I won’t add any time.

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to tell how hard I’m hitting. I may think I’m starting slow, but Lion yelps at every blow. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean I’m hitting particularly hard. Maybe Lion is just in a more sensitive mood. I can’t judge things by when he starts to bleed, either. Certain paddles summon the blood, while others don’t. If I’m using a paddle that normally doesn’t produce blood, but blood comes, does that mean I’m being meaner, or is Lion’s hide in a more sensitive mood?

Last night I didn’t think I was hitting particularly hard in the beginning, nor do I think I was using the blood-producing paddles. Nevertheless, he was bleeding before the five-minute mark. It looked like a bruise was forming on his left cheek. Another might have been developing on the right. Then I lost sight of both because of the blood I was transferring with each swat.

I told him he was bleeding all over my paddles. The only solution he offered was to stop hitting him. What a silly idea! However, I did decide to stop. If those bruises were forming, I’d done my job. He should feel them when he sits today. I wiped the blood from his buns and put the towel on the bed, so he didn’t bleed on the sheets. He wasn’t bleeding profusely. It was just a trickle, but it was enough to make a mess. Just before bed, he said his butt hurt. Nice.

Last week sometime, Lion said I should be a little more vocal when I swat him. This is from a man who barely makes a sound during sex. Oh well. I must have taken what he said to heart because I found myself talking to him as I delivered the blows. I didn’t do it consciously. I guess it just made sense to do it last night. I can’t guarantee I’ll do it next time or any time after. Maybe it will keep happening automatically. Is this the first step to automatically catching him for annoying me? Am I a driverless car? Sweet!

[Lion — The “talking” I hoped Mrs. Lion would do was to tell me why I was being punished. I don’t usually get that right.]

We’ve self-organized in terms of blogging. Mrs. Lion reports the news, and I write other stuff. The question for me is always: What is other stuff? Over the years, I’ve managed to find things to say. The one topic I figured would draw the least attention is hair removal. Yet, it seems to be consistently interesting to many readers. It makes sense. Playing with pubic hair is titillating in the same way as locking the penis in a male chastity device.

Me in my normal, no-hair state.

The similarity is clear. Removing pubic hair isn’t usually permanent, yet once done, it is not reversible for the time it takes for the hair to grow back. This is the same as being locked in a male chastity device. You can get out, just not right away. Both hair removal and wearing a male chastity device are instantly visible to anyone who has access to the penis. More importantly, both send interesting messages.

Years ago, a man with no pubic hair was either prepped for surgery or assumed to be gay. Straight men had hair on their balls. That was never really true. A lot of straight men had no pubic hair. I haven’t had any in 30 years. The times have caught up with me. Now, many men have hairless pubes. The same is true of women. It was never more than potentially embarrassing for a woman to be hairless down there. It’s a personal choice rather than a sexual signal.

I think the topic is so interesting to our readers because pubic hair removal is an act of vulnerability. It feels naughty and a little submissive to be hairless. At least that’s how it feels to me. It’s fun. At this point, I don’t remember what I looked like with pubic hair. Most of mine is permanently gone, thanks to professional laser treatment. Some stubbornly remain. Mrs. Lion waxes that off.

Obviously, there is more to pubic hair removal than just taking the fur off. It seems that a lot of people react strongly to this topic. How does it affect you?

Lion’s tummy was not feeling all that great last night. His nose had finally settled down so I dragged out the spanking bench. He didn’t say anything about not feeling well until he was on the bench, strapped down, and I had swatted him a few times. Of course, I would have waited until tonight to spank him if he’d said something. He’s not intentionally trying to delay getting spanked. We’ve just hit a rough patch of his not feeling well. Truth be told, my sinuses have been bothering me but that doesn’t stop me from spanking him. The most it would stop is oral sex because I’d like to be able to breathe while I suck him.

Obviously, a delay in his punishment creates a delay in his pleasure. He won’t be tied to the bed until tomorrow night. And if we have to delay punishment again, we delay pleasure again. I’m characterizing tying him to the bed as pleasure, but if you recall, my plan is actually for IcyHot or the hated tiny clothespins. Maybe he is delaying things on purpose. (I don’t really think so.) Does he think I’ll forget? I’ve been known to do that, but at this point the only thing I’m likely to forget is tying him to the bed. He will get punished eventually.

I’m sure, even though it will hurt, Lion is looking forward to being tied to the bed. He loves bondage that much. He’ll say he doesn’t really like the IcyHot or tiny clothespins. He’ll say it’s just the thought of them before and after that turn him on. I still don’t buy that argument. Why would you put yourself through that if you didn’t get some pleasure out of it? Of course, what just popped into my mind is childbirth. There is no pleasure in that pain but usually you get some pleasure afterwards in the bouncing baby. I guess childbirth is the perfect analogy. You have fun during conception and during the pregnancy, not so much fun during the actual birth and then pleasure with the baby. Clearly the baby is a longer term pleasure, and perhaps pain, but it’s the closest I’ve ever come to understanding why Lion does what he does.

Sort of.