Plugging Along

I haven’t been able to get Lion interested in sex for a few days. One night he was full from dinner. One night his buns hurt from his spanking. I don’t remember what excuse if any, he had last night. Of course, no excuse is necessary. I offer. If he’s not interested, I try again the next day. Eventually, I do start to wonder what’s going on. I’m not at that point yet. He hasn’t complained about being broken. I know he isn’t broken. He knows it, too, even though he says he is from time to time.

When I can’t get him aroused, I wonder if I’m annoying him by trying. I’m pretty sure he wonders if he’s annoying me by taking longer than usual to show interest. I just don’t want to keep going if I’m bothering him. I don’t want to start if it bothers him. What guy wouldn’t want his penis fondled? He says it feels good even if he’s not going to get hard, so maybe I don’t really need to worry about bothering him. [Lion — Nope!] Unless he’s in pain or not feeling well, I think he’d at least like to snuggle. And if my hand wanders, well, what’s the harm.

This is all a silly dance we play where we try not to do anything to upset one other. He doesn’t want to take advantage of me by “making” me play with him. I don’t want to assume he wants attention. I guess we both assume the other won’t speak up. I told you it was silly. He will tell me if he doesn’t think he’ll get very far when I’m playing with him. I will tell him if I don’t feel like playing. I don’t know why we worry.

Tonight I’ll try to get Lion excited again. It will either work or it won’t. If it works, he’ll either get to the edge, or he won’t. We just keep plugging along.