Spanking Arts And Crafts

Tuesday night, we took our 16-week-old puppy to her first training class. It turned out that we were the only people enrolled, so it was a private lesson. Our little golden retriever is very smart and easy to train. I’m sure Mrs. Lion wishes the same were true of me. Because of our 6 PM training class, I didn’t get punished for not setting up the coffee pot on Sunday. Tonight (Wednesday) will probably be a different story. My lioness doesn’t forget.

I asked Mrs. Lion for her reaction to my post yesterday. It was about using her power to correct the behavior that annoys her. She responded that it was like a similar post a few days earlier. She’s right; it was. I think it is the next big hurdle in our FLR. It may be a brick wall. I hope not. Last week when she punished me for being snarky to the TV, she made a point I hadn’t considered. I had no idea that behavior annoyed her.

If she is serious about helping me change, it will probably take more than one spanking for me to learn. I caught myself growling at contestants this morning after Mrs. Lion went to work. I’m not cured. The big question for me is how to help her observe and punish issues like this.

Part of the problem is solved. Mrs. Lion is committed to “just because” spankings at least once a week. She planned to do two a week, but so far, that hasn’t happened. If I’m going to be spanked anyway, if she observes annoying behavior, all she has to do is tell me that is why I’m getting spanked.  She was going to do it anyway. It seems to me that punishment isn’t the difficult part of solving this problem.

Even, red color and bruises where I sit are Mrs. Lion’s goals when she spanks me.

At this point, my lioness has no problem spanking me. Whatever worries she might have had about beating my butt have long disappeared. The issue is observing and reporting my behavioral errors. She’s told me that she likes that part of our FLR. It’s fun for her to catch me breaking a rule. The punishment isn’t a fun part of her game, but she recognizes it as a necessary element. Between you and I, I think she has some fun spanking me. She seems to like getting my bottom an even-dark red and making me feel it at least two days after she spanks me. It’s a kind of arts and crafts activity for her.

The challenge is to find a way to move from concrete rules to subjective reactions to my behavior. I’ve been thinking about this. If, at least initially, we agree that if anything that I am involved in causes her annoyance or impatience, that should count as an infraction that requires punishment. This is the experimental stage. We both know that many punishments will be for things that wouldn’t be spankable once the game goes into production. We’ve learned that we need a beta test period where the objective isn’t being fair. The objective is to discover and punish as much as possible. That’s how it worked with our old rules. There’s no reason it won’t work as well with this.

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