She Has The Paddle. She Makes The Rules.

I did it. After months of faithfully setting up the coffee pot every day, I missed Labor Day. I guess I am more of a creature of habit than I like to admit. Mrs. Lion didn’t say anything about the consequences. She just told me that I forgot and she had to set it up. Oh well, I have a “just because” spanking scheduled. The coffee pot offense will replace it.

Based on my reading, it is very common for disciplinary wives to have trouble punishing for subjective offenses. Mrs. Lion, for example, has a strong sense of fairness. She doesn’t want to be unfair to me. She knows that spanking me for forgetting to set up the coffee pot is fair. It’s a concrete rule that is set in stone. Spanking me for behavior, she doesn’t like is a different matter.

Punishing me for being insulting to people on TV is not something that I agreed needed to change. Mrs. Lion doesn’t like me doing it. That’s the point. I don’t need to agree with her judgment. I thought it was fine to make snarky comments to the TV.  Mrs. Lion doesn’t like it when I do. She has the paddle, so she wins. That’s exactly how I want it. I’m not worried about whether Mrs. Lion is absolutely fair. I have hoped that she would punish me as she sees fit.

We started with explicit rules. These rules, Mrs. Lion, said, were to give her a reason to spank me frequently. They were intended to help us build disciplinary habits. They worked, but we seem to be stalled in that phase. I’m very sure that I do other things she would like to correct. I don’t think the problem is that she is too worried about spanking me for something unfairly. I think it is more that she needs to increase her observational skill and “catch” me doing things that annoy her. She has a lifetime habit of disregarding those things.

I’m pretty sure that once she starts focusing on the things I do that displease her, she will be very busy with her paddles. That’s fine with me. It’s how we both learn. Just the way we learned when she enforces those little concrete rules, we will learn when she sharpens her observational skills and spanks me when I commit those subjective offenses.

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