You Asked For It (Them)

I put another quick poll on Twitter. I’m trying to learn how our readers, at least those who follow me on Twitter, feel about pictures of my ass and cock in this blog. So far, 80% say they like seeing both. The remaining 20% vote for one or the other. Nobody said they don’t like them at all.

Here you go! 90% of respondents want to see my cock.

This surprises me. I imagined that most of our readers had seen enough of my nether regions. I’ve intentionally stopped posting them for that reason. If you want to vote, this is the link to my page. When it comes to naked pictures of me, Mrs. Lion has said she likes seeing me hard. She also likes my butt. She is in the 80% majority.

I figured there would be some interest in seeing the results of my spankings. They aren’t pretty but serve to illustrate the seriousness of my punishments. Now and then, I have published pictures of my unspanked bottom. Since we don’t get feedback on our photo choices, I’m not sure which you prefer. The bruised and bloodied bottoms outnumber the pinups of my rear.

My “moon side” as Mrs. Lion calls it.

When it comes to pictures of naked women, I prefer the front view to the rear, but do enjoy a nice ass. I strongly prefer hairless pubes. As you know, I don’t have any pubic hair. Turnabout is fair play.

Since there is a clear preference for explicit images, I will do my best to provide them when they fit the post. Now that we know your preferences, Mrs. Lion will need to get out the camera when we play.

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  1. One thing is for sure: judging by the condition of the skin, Mrs. Lion did an excellent job of waxing.

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