Ow! and Ahh!

I was punished on Wednesday night. It was a very painful spanking. I suppose it wasn’t worse than the other recent paddlings I’ve received. Maybe I block out how much it hurts as time goes by. It hurt to sit on Thursday. I don’t expect you to feel sorry for me. I’m doing it enough for both of us. I was spanked for annoying Mrs. Lion on Tuesday.

This is the first time she spanked me for upsetting her. In her post yesterday, she said,

“Lion may be sorry. He wanted me to punish him for things that annoy me. Apparently, I’ve been letting a lot of things go. He may never be able to sit down comfortably again.”

That sounds like the wind will be blowing from a new direction. If Mrs. Lion is serious about this, my behavior will change. It may take a lot of spankings to do it, but if she consistently persists, I will learn. When she resolves to do something, she can be relentless. That’s what it takes to train me. We both know it. Only time will tell if Mrs. Lion is going to put her paddle where her post is.

Wednesday night was memorable for another reason. Mrs. Lion decided to give me an orgasm. It had been 11 days since the last one. She gave me oral sex. I love how that feels. The orgasm control clock is reset, and I count the days until my next chance to ejaculate. After more than eight years of this, I’ve forgotten what it is like to have sex on demand.

I’m not complaining. What we are doing works well for us. I admit that during my spanking, I wanted to end being punished. I hated the spanking so much that I wondered if we could stop domestic discipline. Of course, I didn’t ask Mrs. Lion to stop. She wouldn’t agree if I did. I know that what we are doing is good for both of us. I’m supposed to hate being punished. I’m also supposed to long for the ability to ejaculate anytime I want. I’m not supposed to get my way.


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