Begging and Pleading or a Stiff Breeze

Lion said something last night that both did and did not make sense. He made a noise while I was playing with my weenie and when I asked him what it meant, he said I have to play with him the way he likes it, or it won’t work, and I wonder why he doesn’t get hard. Let’s dissect this.

There are times a stiff breeze will arouse Lion. If he’s super horny, then touching his leg can get a rise out of him. He has also been known to get hard when I slather IcyHot on his balls. Obviously, it burns like hell, and I’m not playing with him the way he likes it. In cases like these, his statement does not make sense. On the other hand, sometimes, I have to beg and plead to get an erection. Those times it would seem to make sense that I’d need to hit just the right spot just the right way to make him hard.

From these observations, I think it all depends on his horniness level. Last night, a few days after orgasm, he wasn’t as horny as he might be, even three days later. Maybe the arousal from a stiff breeze doesn’t happen until day ten. Perhaps it isn’t time contingent. In the past, he’s been super horny after only four days. We’ve never been able to figure out why his super horniness fluctuates. I guess the point is that I have to read the situation and go from there.

Tonight we’re going to the casino. We may or may not have a free dinner coming. We’re just looking for some outside entertainment. And Lion wants to get out of the house. He’s basically trapped unless I’m home to take him somewhere. So we’ll sit in one chair for hours and marvel at the lights and sounds. We’ll eat. And then sit in either the same or different chairs for hours to marvel at the lights and sounds. The difference is that we can’t stay too long because of the dog.

Thank you, Willow.