Sex Table

I am supposed to be thinking about what I want for dinner. I am also supposed to be working. Neither of them is holding my attention. I’ve been texting with my daughter, looking at Facebook, and staring out the window. Oh, and I also need to come up with a post. Here I am, trying to write and staring out the window.

Lion announced that the Lion weather was summery yesterday. I fondled my weenie and got purrs but not much more. I didn’t expect him to get hard. Well, maybe a little. It’s not a crisis that he didn’t respond. I don’t take it as an insult. I don’t think he’s broken. It’s a few days post-orgasm. It’s normal for him to be less interested. Nothing says we can’t prime the pump, though. Snuggling is a good start. Snuggling while idly playing with my weenie is another.

I’m sure by the weekend he’ll be more excitable. I can almost guarantee he’ll be excitable when I get him all slathered with oil when I try to get the wax off him. As a matter of fact, I may just start with him moon-side up so I can finish with him weenie side up. That way, I can play with my oiled weenie longer. He won’t be incredibly horny, but we’ll both have fun for a little while.

The thought just occurred to me that we can use the waxing table (it’s actually a massage table) for more than waxing. Obviously, if I’m jerking him off with oil, we’ve already figured part of that out. Maybe I can also restrain him on it. That might be better than the bed because I’d have easier access. Hmmm… Now I’m thinking about that rather than dinner or work. I bet I have Lion thinking about it too. [Lion — Yup,  you do.]

We used to have a BDSM sling hanging from the ceiling in the “dungeon” in our old house. Now we have a sex table. Cool.

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  1. The massage table is a good thing. You can work with wax and tease Lion.

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