It’s Good For Our Marriage

Friday night was a no-sex night. Mrs. Lion slept most of Friday afternoon. She works half a day on Fridays. We took our puppy for her 3-month shots and me for a haircut. When we got home, Mrs. Lion snoozed. She has been getting up at 5 AM with the dog. She got a couple of hours of snoozing. I watched “Card Sharks,” the 1978 shows. Eventually, I fell asleep too.

With all the snoozing and TV watching, I figured we could try the restraints that Mrs. Lion bought a few weeks ago (“Letting a Secret Slip“). I also imagined another serious edging session. Neither happened. We had stir-fry for dinner and then TV. Oh well.

Saturday, the dog got Mrs. Lion up at 5 AM and me at 5:30. After breakfast at 9, Mrs. Lion snoozed on and off for a couple of hours. She’s managing to get her cat naps in. I’m writing this on Saturday afternoon. Neither of us has done anything yet. We have to get the camper ready. We can do that tomorrow as well as today.

It feels to me that we are losing focus. I bragged that I hadn’t forgotten the coffee pot once since the “just because” spankings started. I asked Mrs. Lion if I had interrupted or annoyed her. She said, “Not really, but I haven’t paid a lot of attention.”

Part of this is Willow (the puppy) distracting her. I get a strong sense that the dog isn’t the entire explanation. Is it burnout? Do the “just because” spankings make Mrs. Lion feel she doesn’t need to play “catch and spank” anymore? If that’s true, we need to reconsider the “just because” spankings. They were intended to keep us both focused on our disciplinary marriage.

When I brought this up on Friday night, Mrs. Lion said that if she were only scheduling one “just because” spanking a week, she would have to find reasons to punish me so that I would still get at least two spankings a week. I don’t know if that will happen. I’m not looking forward to more spankings. I do want her to be observant and strict. We both know that is very good for our marriage.