If You Can’t Take the Heat

We went to get raspberries and blueberries yesterday. We missed the raspberry season, but we might do jam from frozen raspberries, so all is not lost. We can probably do blueberry jam from frozen, too, but fresh is usually better. I was hoping for a seeded watermelon. When I was little, watermelons were long and light green. Now, most watermelons are round and seedless. The local store has long, seeded ones for 75 cents a pound. That seems excessive. Anyway, no seeded watermelons either.

We decided to go out for our anniversary dinner last night because we’ll be wiped out from making jam today. We might have preferred something more elegant than Olive Garden, but money is getting tighter, and we love Olive Garden anyway. It was nice to eat out, and the restaurant matters less than the dining companion.

We snuggled a bit last night, but I didn’t go any further because Lion said in his post that he wasn’t really interested in sex yet. At bedtime, he asked if he had done something wrong. I hadn’t tried anything sexual. Um…because he said he wasn’t interested. He said he would have liked to try. I can’t win.

This morning I started getting the jars ready for canning. Lion asked if I was going to wait for him. Yes. I get all the pieces together so he can run with it. It happens every time he cooks. I’m the sous chef and the busboy. He’s the chef. I get things ready. He cooks. I clean up. I also stand by in case he needs help. Why would I start without him?

It’s not supposed to be as hot today as it has been, but I’m sweating already. The kitchen isn’t air-conditioned, so I’m sure that will only get worse as the day goes on. But we’ll have a nice batch of blueberry jam to show for it.