The Beatings Resumed

After 17 days, I got my “just because” spanking. It was a doozy! If one reason she spanks me so often is to improve her technique, it is working. She has learned to use her larger-faced paddles to create an even red color. Those swats really hurt. Her new, large, round-faced paddle is particularly painful. She alternates between my cheeks and then delivers a very fierce blow dead center. I yelp loudly every time.

She also spends considerable time between my cheeks. She uses one hand to spread them and the other to apply hard swats with her small, blue paddle. Mrs. Lion never forgets to spank my most sensitive spot, the perineum. No part of me is safe from her. I know she used several different paddles. Other than the large one and the in-my-crack model, I don’t know what she used. All I know is it hurt from start to finish.

Speaking of pain, I forgot just how painful it is in the seventeen days since my last spanking. No, I didn’t imagine it would be fun. I had no idea just how much I would hate it if there were no other reason to do “just because” spankings, reminding me of the price for disobedience would be enough.

Yesterday, it was uncomfortable lying on my back or sitting. This pleased my lioness. She wrote in an email:

“It should feel like that more often. :)”

She resolved to make sure it will. This is an interesting merger of the erotic and disciplinary values of spanking me. In a purely disciplinary relationship, “just because” spankings wouldn’t make a lot of sense. Yes, they remind me of what will happen if I am naughty, but they could also be considered unfair since there was no offense to be punished. Over the years, we have learned that things go much more smoothly if I am spanked regularly.

Mrs. Lion, of course, decides when I get spanked. Currently, I am on a twice-a-week “just because” schedule with additional punishment for real offenses. I think it is a lot of discomfort. Mrs. Lion disagrees. She says that it is exactly what I need. Did I tell you that I don’t get a vote?