My Masterpiece

Lion wasn’t too happy to see the spanking bench come out last night. I didn’t really think he would be. The only times I’ve seen him excited to get spanked was when we played. Those spankings would start very slow, usually with my hand, and ramp up to harder swats. He liked those spankings. Occasionally he’d wind up with a bruise, but he was able to handle the really hard swats because things built up so slowly. Now my first swats are what my hardest swats used to be. What a difference!

I started with the large-headed paddle. I didn’t hit hard, but it’s a thick paddle, so it generates force easily. When I build up, I’ll sneak a harder swat in now and then. I want him to know what’s coming. After the large paddle, I brought out the heart-shaped paddle made from the same wood. And then, I used the bloodwood ferrule and a rubber paddle.

I got a nice, overall red with some possible bruises and two dots of blood. I had the timer set for twelve minutes, but I was happy with my canvas, so I stopped it. Normally it tells me how much time is left, but it didn’t last night. I have no idea how long it took to achieve my masterpiece, but Lion “complained” about being sore. This morning he says it hurts to sit. Job well done!

After my shower last night, he announced he was ready for action whenever I was. Who said we were doing anything? I could just as easily make him wait. But I wanted to continue with the hand job experiment. (I also probably said I’d be teasing him.) He was hard and making some this-feels-good noises, but then he got soft. It wasn’t a quick thing. I have no idea how long it was, but I’d guess somewhere in the range of ten minutes. It was long enough for my arm to get tired and my fingers to start losing feeling. When we stopped, Lion announced that my hand was not as good as my mouth. I agree!

Tonight we’ll go back to oral sex. I assume he’ll get to the edge. He won’t have an orgasm if I can help it. I want to make him super horny.