Jerkus Interruptus

Today is punishment day. Lion hasn’t earned any punishment. However, I delayed Monday’s “just because” swats in return for adding two minutes to the timer. When I canceled Monday’s spanking altogether, I never said the two minutes were forgiven. Uh oh.

We’re both still exhausted, but we have to get back on track. We set up the “just because” swats so we could both stay in practice. I don’t even think it really needs to be a gung ho event. We just need to do it. I mean, I don’t necessarily have to bruise his butt. I don’t technically even have to do a full ten minutes. I think what’s important is that we do it. Just do it. Get back on the horse. (Wouldn’t being on a horse feel extra special ouchy after a good spanking?)

One thing we did was a good portion of a hand job. I made sure to get to Lion before I took a shower so he wouldn’t have time to snooze so we got started a little earlier than usual. When I’m snuggled in beside him, my hand is at a similar angle to his. I’m able to hit all the good spots just right. When I inevitably have to sit up, the angle changes. I won’t say it completely threw him off, but I have to consider that and adjust my grip.

We were going along great. Lion was getting harder and making encouraging noises. Then there were the unmistakable I’m-getting-into-something-I-shouldn’t-be-in noises from the dog under the bed. I ignored it for a bit. Then I decided it needed to be investigated. We don’t want her chewing through wires again. I went to find something to impede her progress. After I’d been messing around for a while, Lion asked if it was just an intermission or if I was done with him. I was frustrated trying to get things covered and/or cordoned off. He can’t help, so he was not in the way in the way, and I probably could have used some help, even if it was just to keep the damn puppy from biting me. I decided I was done with Lion. I know he wasn’t happy, but neither was I. I’d much rather be jerking him off than building a fortress.

After my shower, Lion made it clear that he was ready for round two. He said it multiple times. Hint, hint. I wasn’t up for it, though. And a little while later, he was snoozing anyway. We’ll try again tonight, after his spanking, of course.

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