Let the Beatings Begin (Tomorrow)

I just spent a few hours mowing the lawn and adding fencing for the dog. After I put the last connector in for the fence, I realized I blocked off the area needed to park the truck beside the camper. Oh, well. Not a big deal. I can live with the truck being in the driveway. Lion, however, pointed out that the car needs to live there while we’re off camping. Damn. That’s a job for next week. It would just annoy me right now.

We didn’t play last night. Dinner was very filling and then the dog needed attention. It was 9 before I got anywhere near Lion. He said he wasn’t horny at that point but he had been earlier. So today we’ll get an earlier start. It may even be before dinner. I’m not promising. If I promise then something usually interferes. There are many things that could interfere. Let’s not tempt fate.

I hope Lion enjoyed his mini vacation from just because spankings. They are set to resume tomorrow night. We’ve both been so tired, he hasn’t been breaking rules and, even if he had, I wouldn’t have caught him. I don’t think I’ve regressed. I’m confident that I can pick up a paddle and take up right where I left off last spanking. Although, Lion said I was a little too high last time. Being too high or too low can cause problems. I don’t want to hurt Lion. I need to swat him right in the chubby cheeks. Or that would be true if Lion had chubby cheeks. My goal is anywhere between the top of his crack to just below his cheeks. Normally I don’t have any trouble limiting myself to that area. I think I was overcompensating for Lion’s suggestion that I hit higher.

Many years ago, I used to cane Lion. That has an even narrower target area. It made me very nervous. I don’t know how much it would hurt him if I strayed outside the safe zone, but I didn’t want to find out. I know there are people who don’t abide by Lion’s small target area. I’ve seen videos of canings that go down onto the thighs and up onto the back. Either they’re doing it wrong or Lion knows he doesn’t want to be hit that far from center. I’m just glad I can’t hurt him as much by spanking him.

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