No More One-Way Sex Life

Even kinky people can get into a rut. Mrs. Lion and I seem to have found ourselves in one. I’ve been unable to get very aroused when Mrs. Lion tries to turn me on and edge me. I’m sure it’s that I’m in a slump. It’s also because we have fallen into a routine. Sure, it’s a fun routine that includes oral sex. I always like that; what male doesn’t? Right now, it isn’t enough.

In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion wrote that she planned to shove the Njoy butt plug up my ass as a way to spice things up. That might work, but it is her standard second-stage technique when sexual stimulation alone doesn’t work. I understand that Mrs. Lion has to depend on her imagination to develop activities I might like. Over the years, I’ve made lots of suggestions. Most require considerable effort to implement. That is certainly a big part of the problem.

We get back to the elephant in the room. Mrs. Lion has no interest in sex. Doing things to or for me isn’t exciting. She does them as a service to me. I’m very grateful that she does. It’s natural to look for ways to dispense the service as efficiently as possible. If pegging me turned her on, then she would want to spend time with plugs and dildos. Similarly, if bondage were exciting, she would want to take the time to restrain me. They aren’t. The bottom line is that they take time and energy away from things she would much rather do.

To make matters worse, this is obvious to me. I’m lucky that she loves me enough to do all she does to give me a sex life. As I get older, it becomes more difficult to get me off. I understand that. She hasn’t found any way to enjoy topping me. She says that she enjoys getting me off. I don’t doubt it. If I can’t get to the edge, then that fun has been removed.

In the past, I asked her to check out other sites written by women tops. She looked at some but said she didn’t like reading the posts. She sometimes shops BDSM supply websites. She only does that when she has an idea she wants to implement. Maybe it’s time for me to give up on sex too. Or, maybe I should take sex into my own hands again. I won’t like that. I’ve never favored masturbation, but at least it will take the pressure off my lioness. It’s unfair to expect her to keep providing me with a one-way sex life.

[Mrs. Lion — Poor Lion. (Did I roll my eyes out loud?) I think he needs to get over the idea that I need to be turned on to “service” him correctly. I’ll drag out dildos and handcuffs if it will get his motor running. And keep your hands off yourself, my pet.]

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  1. Judging by her comment, Mrs. Lion is deciding here. And judging by the fact that she is engaged in the satisfaction of the Lion for so long and disinterestedly, we can say with confidence – this is Love.

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