A Leather Slapper for A “Just Because” Spanking

Custom made heavy slapper. Three layers of heavy leather pack a powerful swat.

Last night, a few minutes after 8, Lion reminded me it was punishment day. Except, it wasn’t. It was Wednesday. Punishment day is Thursday. I get it. I was home for three extra days. It’s easy to lose track. This morning he noticed a leather strap on top of my dresser and said I should try it out. What luck! Today is punishment day, and he’s due for a “just because” spanking. He wasn’t happy about that turn of events.

When I moved over to snuggle and play with my weenie last night, he said he needed a little more digestive time. Okie Dokie. If he snoozes early in the evening, I’ve been playing with him later. This wouldn’t be any different. Except, it was. When I tried to play with him later, I wasn’t getting much of a response. He purred a little, but my weenie remained soft. He said he didn’t know why he wasn’t getting hard. I don’t either. Maybe he was still tired from puppy shenanigans. Maybe he was worried about dealing with the puppy all alone today while I’m at work. It looks like I’ve got some work to do. I bet mouth-to-cock resuscitation might work. It usually does.

Tonight’s spanking will be the second one the puppy has been around for. She whined last time. Then she went over and licked Lion’s hand like she was trying to save him. I wonder if she’ll get used to it eventually or if she’ll see it as proof she needs to protect Lion from me. Maybe that’s why Daisy went to Lion for hugs and why she glared at me that one time. She was telling me to back off and stop hurting him. I wish I knew what goes on inside their fuzzy little heads.

[Lion–Daisy glared when Mrs. Lion snuggled with me. I think the dog considered me her property. The puppy was definitely trying to comfort me. What a sweet puppy!]