Riding The Spanking Bench

Mrs. Lion spanked me on Thursday night. It was the promised “just because” spanking. It was ten minutes of pain. Actually, it was more than ten minutes. Mrs. Lion ignored the timer going off and continued to paddle me very hard. She used a variety of instruments. I don’t know which, of course.

Thursday night’s effort. Mrs. Lion spent extra time on my crack and upper buns.

She paid a lot of attention to my crack. This part of my bottom escaped attention until recently. When she decides to beat me there, I get an interesting set of conflicting sensations. When she spreads my cheeks for access, it feels sexy. Then when she uses her paddle, it really hurts. The flesh there is tender, virgin territory. On Thursday, she spread me particularly wide and used her paddle on the very sensitive skin around my anus. Fortunately, she didn’t spend much time there. While Mrs. Lion increased the time she worked in my crack, it was still mercifully short. I know she will be spending a lot more time there as she works out her technique.

Before I began getting disciplinary spankings, I didn’t spend time thinking about how I could be spanked more effectively. I realize that suggesting improvements now makes things worse for me. One way Mrs. Lion can learn what works with me is through my input. She can consider what I say in the context of her experience with the paddle.

Spanking can be considered a brute force exercise where the paddle is firmly applied until the recipient displays proper remorse. This is the traditional technique. The disciplined husband isn’t expected to “help” his wife. My BDSM experience has taught me that technique is important, even when punishing a naughty husband. I have a duty to report my impressions to Mrs. Lion. If she chooses to use them is up to her.

I’m discovering that there are two distinct objectives in adult punishment spanking. The first is to make the experience as safely painful as possible. The second is to assure the spanking is felt for days afterward. You might believe that good, hard paddling will achieve both. It can, but my experience shows it doesn’t always.

Today, Friday, I don’t feel any sharp pain after my spanking. I do feel a bit of soreness when I sit. It is very subtle. Mrs. Lion has learned that when she uses the spanking spoon, which raises blisters and makes me bleed, it will also give me a sore bottom for two or three days. It doesn’t produce a lot of red, but it creates those bloody, blistered areas. I rarely show bruises back there. I suspect the spoon bruises me too.

The larger paddles sting. Mrs. Lion hasn’t used one exclusively on my cheeks. She needs a small one for my crack. Would ten minutes of concentrated spanking with the larger paddles create a memorable spanking? By the way, this doesn’t include the small, round-headed bloodwood paddle. I’m referring to her leather paddle and large, round, zebrawood monster. If traditional spankers are to be believed, energetic use of either of those will create blisters as well as a very sore, red bottom.

I become a bit numb after a while when being paddled. Mrs. Lion overcomes this easily by dialing up the force. So far, she hasn’t done any real damage, no matter how hard she hits. I think she knows how to make me very unhappy when I have to ride my spanking bench. I also know she enjoys experimenting. Poor me!


  1. Yowch! That’s some serious paddling! My wife really does not spank me for cause, unless I leave the wipes container open! She recently belt whipped me with no sexual context at all, which she did find somewhat remarkable. So did I. For the next few days whenever she thanked me for doing a chore I told her that doing the chore was a thank you for the whipping. Last night she told me to bend over the bed and whipped my ass, then had me stand up and whipped my hard cock. She said it was a thank you for all I had done for her that day. I suppose that means it wasn’t a “just because” spanking. Whatever the reason, I am thrilled that she is feeling that she can whip my ass without it being a sexual scene, then just carry on with life.

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