Puppy Day

Today is puppy day. We’re very excited. Lion wants to hold her on the way home. It’s at least a three-hour drive, so he may think better of that, depending on how squirmy she is. Daisy just settled in on his lap, but that was a much quicker ride home. Willow is used to running around unencumbered, and being held may not be her forte. We have a carrier for her so she can snooze in peace.

Last night I brought out the spanking bench and got Lion’s derriere nice and red. I focused on the crack and his upper cheeks. Swatting low results in bleeding, and I was trying to avoid that as much as possible. That said, it’s not like I avoided that area entirely. I got him rosy red down there too. To his dismay, I continued after the timer went off. It wasn’t long, but it was enough to remind him that the timer is just a guide. At the end, I gave him a few hard swats with the bloodwood, round-headed paddle. A potential bruise appeared on his right cheek, and his left cheek bled a little. I haven’t decided if it’s the paddle itself or the strength of the swat that causes bleeding. Next time Lion wants me to use the larger paddle exclusively to see if it does more than make him red.

I was trying to decide if it was better to do punishment on one day and sex on another when I noticed Lion was asleep. Oh well. I guess we kick that can down the road a bit. A while after he woke up, someone mentioned Cialis on TV. He said he took one. Aha! Punishment and sex will happen on the same day. I was all set to give him an orgasm. I figured punishment, an orgasm, and a puppy all within 24 hours would make Lion a very happy boy. Alas, an orgasm was not meant to be. He enjoyed himself, and that’s the important part. Maybe he can get there tonight. I’m willing. Let’s see what the puppy has to say about it.