Lion probably has a reminder set, so he knows when it’s punishment day. He hasn’t missed one in a long time. He comes close, like the other night when he remembered as I was spanking him. I think he needs to set a reminder about the coffee pot.

He’s been interrupting me more than usual lately. I need to crack down on that. Normally my reaction is “as I was saying,” and he’ll say he’s sorry. Maybe I could start with three strikes. I know it’s not ideal, but it might help me get to the point that I can punish him for it. I don’t know what keeps me from it. He annoys me when he interrupts me. I think it’s mostly because if he just let me finish, the question he’s asking would be answered. This is especially bothersome when I’m reading him something. I have no control over the order in which things are written. When I tell him something, I try to give him the information he needs in a specific order. He needs to know who and then what without a lot of pronouns. He gets lost in the he’s and she’s. That’s still no reason to interrupt, but it makes more sense to me then.

The other thing that’s been nominally bothering me is putting in his eye drops. No, I don’t mind doing it. The issue is when I am poised to put them in, and he’s still watching TV. It’s like my time is less valuable than his. I know he doesn’t realize he’s doing it. And maybe it’s only for a few seconds, but it does get on my nerves. He jumps on me if I don’t answer him right away when he asks a question, or he thinks I’m ignoring him. Why is this different? I don’t even think I need a separate rule for this. It falls under the “annoying me” rule. I may start with strikes for this, too, until I get used to enforcing it.

Since I spanked Lion on Saturday, I’m not spanking him tonight. I’ll do it Thursday. That’ way he’ll have to sit on a sore bottom when we go to Portland to get the puppy. Poor Lion butt.

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