The Way Lions Mate (No, Not The Ones In The Picture — Us)

Do you remember when you began? Began what? Being different, of course. Our marriage changed when we started playing with male chastity. It was a sex game designed to amplify my desire, to make me desperate for relief. It gave Mrs. Lion control over any sexual pleasure I might get. It was exciting for me. Mrs. Lion had fun.

In the beginning, it was easy to imagine that this sexual power exchange could be a new lifestyle that would somehow give my lioness a new sense of power and satisfaction. People like to extrapolate new experiences into massively significant discoveries. Sure, for a while, it was an amazing feeling surrendering sexual control to my lioness.

Over the years, that feeling faded. We continue the practice. I haven’t owned a single ejaculation since 2014. It’s still fun for Mrs. Lion. She likes bringing me to the edge of orgasm and frustrating me. On some level, she is happy knowing that she owns every single ejaculation I have. I like it too for a different reason.

I no longer feel desperate for her to keep going just a few seconds more. I wait for my turn to come. If it isn’t today, I mentally shrug and wait for tomorrow. I’ve accepted her absolute control of my sexual pleasure. It doesn’t make me feel submissive. It’s just the way things are.

After a while, the inherent excitement of this power exchange goes away. It doesn’t mean that it loses its value. Orgasm control becomes a natural part of our relationship. We both take it for granted. Sex isn’t a reward. It isn’t withheld when I piss her off. Sex is an organic part of who we are. Unless one of us is not feeling well, Mrs. Lion will tease me as close to the edge as she can get me. When she decides it’s time for me to ejaculate, she keeps going.

There is no schedule. She doesn’t seem to have a certain number of days I have to wait before she lets me come. If she can get me very close, she may consider getting me off within the next few days. Or, she may not. Right now, it seems that the combination of my ability to get very close and her interest in giving me release is about once every two weeks.

That doesn’t mean she won’t make me wait longer. Sometimes, she will get me off sooner. It’s organic. Mrs. Lion decides based on my level of heat and her interest in relieving my frustration. It’s almost instinctive. Release lives in its own world. It comes when it comes. I have no control over it. Mrs. Lion doesn’t see her role as domination. She keeps me interested and occasionally satisfied.

We no longer need chastity hardware. I can’t imagine getting off on my own. No matter how close to the edge she drives me, I never think about finishing the job myself. We don’t talk about this very often. Sometimes she will tease me about being horny. Usually, neither of us mentions it. She likes it when I tell her I’m horny. I usually don’t. I’m going to work harder to let her know.

If you are new to all this, I imagine you find it hard to believe how it changed for us. I don’t think I could have predicted this outcome. Both of us figured that I would grow tired of the game, and we would stop. After a while, it was clear that orgasm control became a habit. Sometimes I do get tired of it. I’m sure Mrs. Lion gets tired of teasing me. It doesn’t matter. It’s sex for us. We don’t think it is a big deal. It’s our mating behavior. It’s all we know.

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  1. If this has become commonplace, maybe it’s time to add some variety?

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