As you might imagine, we are both worried about our dog. The local vet suspects it is a brain problem. We are going to a canine neurologist on Wednesday for a more informed opinion. We have to face the very real possibility that we may have to put our puppy down. Neither of us wants to do that. It comes down to the quality of her life. On the brighter side, she isn’t pacing so much today and is more herself in terms of snoozing away the day. She still won’t eat. Mrs. Lion and I went shopping and bought what we hope will tempt her.

We are both attempting to compartmentalize the doggy situation and not think too far ahead. Mrs. Lion has not lost sight of her role with me. I nearly forgot to set up the coffee pot for Saturday morning. Fortunately, I noticed when I got out of bed at 6:30. Mrs. Lion was still snoozing. I got the pot set up before she woke a couple of hours later. She commented that I had snuck into the kitchen and saved my ass. That told me she was anticipating a chance for a Saturday night spanking. Curses, foiled again!

This signals that the game is back on. Mrs. Lion is in full hunting mode. My bottom is likely to get more than the scheduled two spankings a week if she has anything to say about it. If she is determined to catch me, chances are good she will. Thanks to my reading on the Disciplinary Wives Club website, she’s adopted a very good way to handle multiple offenses. Let’s say that I break a rule on Monday. Well, that’s one of the two days a week I get a just because spanking. If there is an offense on top of the scheduled paddling, Mrs. Lion increases the spanking time from ten to fifteen minutes minimum. As I’ve learned, that extra five minutes feels like an hour to me.

So far, she hasn’t made me play Spankardy. I’m sure that’s coming soon too. She may need to find a place for the spanking bench closer to where she likes to beat me. The other day, before one of those scheduled spankings, Mrs. Lion said that my bottom looked a little discolored. She wondered if frequent spankings left permanent or semi-permanent marks. The purple badge of naughtiness? I may have it already.

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