We took our dog to the emergency vet this afternoon. She stopped eating the other day and I don’t think she drank anything today. They admitted her to give her fluids, a feeding tube and pain meds. She’ll be in for at least two days, possibly more. I just want my puppy to feel better.

Before all hell broke loose last night, I gave Lion an orgasm. I edged him once and then kept him very close before getting him all the way. His wait was only about 15 days, but that’s a long time when you’re a horny Lion. We’ve had a few miscues during this wait, but we instituted regular just because spankings on Mondays and Thursdays and Lion started asking for sex fully expecting me to say no. If he’d asked last night I was going to tell him no for the experiment and then turn around to ask if he wanted sex. In either case, he would get sex. Unless he was very silly and denied me.

About an hour after his orgasm, the dog jumped up, ran around in a circle and had a big seizure. We knew this was coming because she hasn’t been taking her drugs. When she was coherent, she went outside and couldn’t make it back up the few steps into the house. She growled at me when I tried to help her. Eventually, I told her I was going to make a doggie burrito (which is what I tell her when I’m drying her off) and tossed a towel over her head so she couldn’t bite me as I dragged her onto the porch. This afternoon, the vet techs had to put a cone of shame around her so she couldn’t bite them. We couldn’t even get close enough to get a muzzle on her without getting snapped at. So now we wait.

Lion isn’t horny, but even without an orgasm last night, I don’t think he’d be horny since he’s worrying about the dog. I’ll go to work tomorrow but I’m not sure how much I’ll be thinking about work. My end-of-the-week trip is still up in the air for now. I’m just happy this didn’t happen while I was away. I can’t imagine having to make it through a six hour flight worrying about the dog and about Lion dealing with the dog all alone.

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  1. When such problems with a pet, all other matters fade into the background.

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