We are still worried about the dog. Despite seeming to drink a lot, she’s dehydrated. She won’t take any meds. She won’t even eat pizza. Unless something drastic happens, we may be putting her down. First, we have to exhaust all other possibilities.

I took Thursday and Friday off. We were supposed to be camping. I decided to take my days off anyway so we could do things together. Instead, I’ve been taking the dog to the vet. I’m hoping we can get more done today. Depending on how you look at it, I wasted two days off or used the days off to care for the dog. I may also have to cancel my trip east for my mother’s funeral since Lion can’t really care for the dog now that she’s gotten worse. Oh well. Shit happens.

Last night, I purposely waited to do anything sexual. I wanted to see if Lion asked for sex. He told me he was horny and asked if he could have sex. I told him I didn’t think so. It feels weird. I don’t like telling him no. I mean, I know I do it without actually doing it when I don’t play with him. But if he asks, I usually give him attention. I’m also wondering what happens when I want to give him some attention and then he asks me for sex. If I’ve decided to play with him after I’m done with the dishes, and he asks me before I can start anything, what do I do? Could I twist it around and tell him he can’t have sex because he wants it, but because I want to give him sex? Would that make things muddier, or would it clarify that he’s not getting sex for him but me? Obviously, not for me, but because I’ve decided to do it. Muddier.

It may be small, but I like it.

When I was spanking him the other day, I wondered how I could love his buns so much when they are so small. I tease him about his lack of a butt all the time. It’s one of the reasons he wears suspenders. His pants have nothing to hold them up. Buttless Lion. I told him about this last night, and he told me I was sweet. Is this the sexy talk he was referring to in his post the other day? I really don’t remember the sexy talk. We don’t really say much during sex. For a very long time, Lion never made a sound except during climax. Even then, he was fairly quiet. Now he’s more vocal. Maybe we have an unwritten rule about how much sound we can make. Since he’s more vocal, the sexy talk had to go away. Silly, I know. We’re both pretty silly.


  1. It is strange that he did not make sounds. Sounds like feedback. If there is no sound, then how to understand what is happening to him and what he feels.

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