Have We Started Yet?

We talked about Lion asking for sex and my denying it so it would become ordinary. It would take away the power of rejection. I’m not exactly sure how it works. I asked if I reject him once and then accept the next time, figuring he’d ask twice a night. He said no. I should reject him both times. If I reject him every time he asks, I’m wondering when we’d have sex. As of this morning, I was trying to figure out if we’d started yet. This afternoon, Lion said he wasn’t sure how to start. So here we are. Neither of us knows what’s going on, but still willing to try.

I don’t think we’ve had such a hard time doing anything. Even when I was learning to spank Lion, as ineffectual as it was, I started and kept on going. I was deathly afraid I was going to hurt him, but I did it. The more I didn’t hurt him, the more I realized I wasn’t going to hurt him. Ironically, now he wants me to hurt him. Yes, he’ll say he doesn’t want it, but that’s only when it’s happening.

I’m sure it will hurt him when I reject him. That’s why I suggested I do it with a kiss or some sort of touch. I think if I soften the blow it will make him more likely to try again. That’s my theory at least. I’m not sure it will work, but we’re pretty good with experiments. Most of what we do has been experimental at one point or another. Who knew we’d still be maintaining a version of male chastity?

Lion needs to ease into it. Maybe he doesn’t need to ask twice a day. Maybe I don’t need to reject him every time. If he’s sure I’m going to reject him, why would he keep trying? Shouldn’t I mix it up a bit? We’re pretty good at figuring thins out. It just might take us some time.

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  1. It seems that on occasion you should say yes. But I’m also certain that you and Lion will figure out what works for you two.

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