The plan was for a “just because” spanking on Monday. The lion restraining strap was supposed to be delivered in time. It wasn’t. The post office tracking site changed from “Delivering Today” to “Delayed in Transit.” So far, it’s been ten days since it was mailed, first-class, from Texas. Our once-efficient postal service is in the crapper. I’ve requested a refund, and Mrs. Lion is planning to take me shopping at the local Grange for a horse strap the right size for me. She assures me that my spanking isn’t going to be delayed much longer.

Mrs. Lion is very perceptive. She is a lioness of few words. She doesn’t need many to make some profound points. On Monday, she made a brief comment that I needed to be spanked because I was thinking too fondly about getting my bottom paddled. There it is, the most contradictory aspect of domestic discipline.

Like male chastity, domestic discipline is almost always initiated by the husband who wants to be punished for his offenses. If you spend time reading what these men say, it’s clear that there is a sexual element to the idea of being taken in hand. It’s certainly true of me. The idea of being spanked turns me on. Does that mean domestic discipline is just kinky sex play?

It can be. Some couples use it that way. For most, it is more serious but with sexual overtones. I think we are a good example of this. I’ve always liked the idea of being spanked. For many years, when I bottomed, spanking was part of the play. Some of those spankings were just as severe as the punishments I receive. I would be erect when the spanking began. I would lose my hardon within a minute or so once it started. When it was over, my cock needed some serious coaxing to stand up again.

The next day, if it hurt to sit, I would have fond memories of my beating. I wouldn’t get physically turned on, but the twinges reminded me of the play. You might think that my domestic discipline spankings would be experienced the same way. In the beginning, they were. I would be hard when Mrs. Lion started to spank me. The erection would disappear shortly after she began. Same as a play spanking, right? Well, no.

A punishment spanking starts very much like the play variety. Mrs. Lion takes it easy and gives me a chance to get used to the stinging swats. It’s a little like novocaine before a root canal. It dulls the pain just enough to keep me from trying to bolt. Then, she hits harder. The speed and force increase. She keeps me on the edge of my ability to stand the pain. Her goal is to make it hurt and keep hurting. The timer guarantees that she won’t stop for at least ten minutes. That’s a very long time when someone is beating your bottom.

Her goal is to leave me with a very sore, bruised bottom. It will hurt to sit and even to lie down on my back for days. I will understand that this is what happens if I break a rule or disobey. Mrs. Lion makes it clear that if I hurt, it is my fault. I do hurt a lot. My bottom is swollen with blisters and bruises. She says I brought it on myself.

Here’s where it gets weird. For a while after the spanking, I lose any desire to be spanked. The idea does not turn me on, and I do my best to avoid another. For one thing, if I offend soon after a spanking, Mrs. Lion will almost certainly increase the time to more than fifteen minutes. She is perfectly happy to spank my already-sore bottom. I absolutely don’t want that. This is how she wants me to feel. If I fear punishment, I am going to do my best to avoid it.

As time passes, I begin to forget how unhappy the spanking made me. I will start getting turned on thinking about Mrs. Lion spanking me. I won’t intentionally disobey, but I won’t fear the consequences of making a mistake. I’m beginning to remember being punished fondly. This is unacceptable.

The cure is simple. Mrs. Lion spanks me, “just because.” It’s a disciplinary vaccination to restore my fear of her paddle. It turns down the sexual excitement of punishment and restores my respect for the pain I will feel. In my case, if I haven’t earned a spanking for misbehaving, I need a booster spanking every two to three weeks.

Mrs. Lion needs a different booster shot too. Each time she punishes me, she is reminded of her role. Without fail, after I’m spanked, she becomes hyper-aware of my behavior. The beating recharges her hunting instinct. She is on high alert. I’m not sure how frequently she needs to beat me to stay at the optimum threat level. My “just because” spankings are scheduled around my loss of fear of the paddle. There’s a possibility that Mrs. Lion needs more frequent boosters.  If she does, I hope she gets them, or more correctly, gives them to me.

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  1. A strap for a horse? This is somewhat humiliating for a lion!

    1. Author

      It is! Of course, being strapped to a bench and spanked is humiliating too.

  2. Have had the same problem with missing packages that supposedly made the transit all the way to my town, then were lost.
    Fortunately they were purchased through Amazon and no problems getting refund or re-order.
    What is impressive is Amazon Prime order on Monday afternoon delivered to my house next day.
    Good Luck with the strapping.
    Several years ago my wife agreed to maintenance spankings (whippings, whatever) on a regular basis. Never happened.
    On the bright side, it is always a surprise when she does decide to give me one.

    1. Author

      Mrs. Lion is consistent with spankings. I’m not sure if that is good news for me.

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