Pristine Butt

Unfortunately, the strap for the spanking bench did not arrive yesterday. The post office assures us it’s on the way. Sure. Right. Uh-huh. I’ll believe it when I see it. In the meantime, I didn’t want to whomp him until we can test out the bench. This left Lion’s butt unscathed. Terrible!

This morning, I started looking for alternatives. I was thinking about some straps for a horse. Lion/horse, same difference. What I found is a strap to hold blankets on. We might have to connect two, but I think it will work. We have a store near us that has a tack department. When we make our grand tour of blood tests and dog meds this afternoon, we’ll stop there and see what we can find in the Lion restraint department. I’m pretty sure we’ll be successful, and Lion will end up with a red butt by tomorrow night at the latest.

I haven’t given too much thought to Lion’s idea of giving him an appetizer swat when he commits an offense and then giving the normal punishment later. I suppose I could do something along the lines of a nun smacking people on the knuckles in Catholic school. If I keep a paint stirrer near me, I can swat whatever part of him I happen to connect with, and it won’t hurt too much, but it will let him know he’s displeased me. Like so many other things, he might be sorry he asked for it.

Tonight I’ll test the Lion weather. It’s only been a few days since his orgasm, and I was trying to wait until the strap arrived, but I can at least give him a chance to get hard. I don’t want to put too much pressure on him, of course. If it doesn’t work out, we can always try tomorrow. Maybe a good whomping will get his juices flowing.

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  1. Looking at the belt delivery problem from the other side, it might not be a bad thing that Lion has a break from whipping. The skin on his bottom will heal and he will be able to sit more comfortably. After all, he is a writer, and this, as you know, is a sedentary job.

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