Impromptu Spankings

Mondays are punishment days. On this punishment day, I will be spanked. Mrs. Lion sent an email asking when the restraining strap for our new bench would arrive. I checked the post office website. It said that we would get it today. I relayed that information to Mrs. Lion. She replied that I would have a sore butt tonight.

The last time she spanked me was 19 days ago. That is too long, I think. We both agree that regular “just because” spankings are needed to help my focus. Mrs. Lion has been waiting for the new spanking bench and restraint strap to arrive before this one.

I wonder if Mrs. Lion finds it too difficult to spank me. I’m not talking about the actual beating. She seems to have no problem with that. I’m thinking about the setup. She has to select her implements of choice, drag out the spanking bench and strap me in. Before the bench, she got the yoga cushion and put it on the bed. My point is that this is a sort of ritual that complicates what should be very organic: I disobey or break a rule and I get spanked.

The prep steps have to get in the way. I can see that they would discourage her from punishing me. She needs to feel comfortable reacting to bad behavior by spanking me. As I recall, when she used the small kitchen paddle, if I did something wrong, she would have me bend over the counter while she used the paddle to remind me to behave. Since I am already naked, there is no effort beyond getting the paddle (It hung on a hook in the kitchen) and spanking me with it. Mrs. Lion didn’t appear to find it difficult to discipline me that way.

I was affected by these spankings too. It was made clear that an offense would be punished. There is no escape. Nowadays, punishment is more of a ritual. Mrs. Lion usually waits until after dinner. Then she gets the yoga cushion and puts it on the bed. I get into position, and she whomps me. There is no conversation. This works. I get the message loud and clear. I suspect that if it were less of a hassle, Mrs. Lion would get a paddle and let me know how she feels more often.

For example, when I interrupt her, she usually makes an angry face. I get a little twinge, but I am not deterred. I will usually tell her that I’m not interrupting and I need context. That may be true, but I upset her. If she went back to the kitchen paddle technique, the angry face would be followed by an impromptu spanking. My position might not be ideal, but a message would be sent. The message would be two-way. I would be reminded to behave, and she would get in the habit of not just growling, instead make me understand her displeasure in a way I understand.

lion's butt paddled with paddle tramp
Mrs. Lion’s kitchen paddle. It’s compact but powerful. Cut from hard oak, Mrs. lion used it to send her message with me bent over the kitchen counter.

These impromptu spankings will probably not be full 10-minute DWC productions. They don’t have to be. They could be a sort of reminder of more to come later. My thought is that I get the painful reminder as soon after the offense as possible. Mrs. Lion can finish the punishment at a later time. I think the biggest drawback of our DWC punishments is the very reason they work so well. To be effective, they have to be a full ten minutes long. That’s a big interruption in the middle of a conversation or household activity.

I’m not suggesting we abandon the DWC spankings. I think that the less complete on-the-spot swats can be very helpful for us both. Perhaps when Mrs. Lion wants to growl, she does it with me bent over something and her paddle swatting my bottom. I imagine that over time this will translate to a follow-up DWC punishment. The key is to use the paddle to underline that I did something I shouldn’t and that there is a need to punish the offense. The only way we will learn is to do it.


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