Oiled Weenie

When I wax Lion, I usually play with him a bit. As I rub oil all over him to clean off the remaining wax, I just happen to be in the neighborhood of my weenie. I tug on him as I rub oil on his balls. He gets very hard. Last time I waxed him, I got him so close he thought I might let him come. I wondered why I would want to do that. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy his cream filling if it’s mixed with oil. However, I do realize I don’t have to have a snack every time he comes.

Yesterday, before I could get to my weenie, Lion asked why I wasn’t playing with him. Don’t rush me, my pet. I’ll get there. And I did. I got him nice and hard. I had been at least four days since the last time I’d tried to get him hard. I figured we’d wait till later for more fun so I didn’t get him anywhere near the edge. I probably should have. Later on didn’t work out so well.

I don’t know if it was because I’d played with him earlier, or because it was late-ish, or because I just had him lay across the bed with no buildup, but he got hard and then couldn’t get any further. I know if felt good. He was making his this-feels-good noises. We just weren’t getting anywhere. It’s not a problem. We’ll try again today. Maybe this time I’ll bring out the rope or shove a butt plug up his freshly waxed butt. Once I wax the backside, of course.

[Lion — We had a huge spaghetti dinner and I was feeling very full and a little uncomfortable.]

I want to clear up one thing. The only thing that bothers me about Lion and Julie writing stories for each other is what his reaction would be if I did the same. Many years ago, my ex was taking my kids around the country in an RV. They were headed this way when the RV broke down. My first search showed they were ten hours away. Lion and I talked about my going to see them. Ten hours seemed like a long, long drive. We decided against it. At the time, I was in college and left about an hour before Lion woke up. For whatever reason, I searched again and it then came up that they were seven hours away. I have no idea why but seven hours seemed more doable. I headed for school and decided as I got there that I could do seven hours. I didn’t want to wake Lion so I headed south. When I stopped for gas, I told Lion what I was doing. He was mad. At first, I thought he was mad because we’d decided against my going and now I was going anyway. It soon became clear that he thought I was leaving him for my ex. What?!?! I was going to see my kids. The ex just happened to be there. If my kids were “only” seven hours away, I was going to see them. Lion was mad at me for a few days. That’s the reaction I think I’d get if I wrote stories, sexted, looked at a guy longingly, etc.

[Lion — Let’s clear this up once and for all. Mrs. Lion didn’t call me for many hours. I tried her cell and sent her text messages. I was beside myself. It isn’t that she was going to see her ex. It was that she took off without even leaving me a note. Nothing. Nada. I was scared. As I recall, she told me that the reason she didn’t call was that she was afraid I would be angry. I figure that if your wife is gone without any indication of where she is going or even that she is going out, there is a good reason for concern.] [Mrs. Lion — We remember this a little differently.]

The stories bother me on some level but not to the extent that I’m putting my foot down and making him stop. I know he’s not going to run off with Julie or anyone else. It’s more that I wish I had gotten the same benefit of the doubt all those years ago.


  1. Mood: house-breaky femme fatale?
    Suggest daily paddlings for a week will communicate your irritation towards him?

  2. This is intrigue. But still, I think that Leo will not run away.

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