4.0 Doesn’t Have to be Mean

We were both tired yesterday. I was falling asleep at work. It didn’t help that the internet kept quitting on us and when it was working, it was very slow. By the time I got home, I wasn’t falling asleep tired anymore, but I didn’t feel like doing much. I think Lion snoozed while I made dinner. We were both dragging.

I know I had Lion very close to the edge Sunday night. I should have kept it up with more edging last night. I’m just not sure he could have gotten there, given how tired he was. I’m not sure I could have gotten him there either. It was nice to have a day to recharge our batteries. We watched TV, and I played on my iPad.

Tonight, it’s back in the saddle again. I was actually thinking about riding Lion the other night. I wondered if it would get him to the edge any quicker. And then I decided, if it did get him there quicker, I wouldn’t be able to stop before he had an orgasm. Nope. It’s best not to ride him until I’m ready for him to have an orgasm. How turned on did that make him? [Lion — Need you ask?]

In his post this morning, Lion wondered how 4.0 would handle BDSM. We haven’t been doing much of it lately. I tied his balls about a week ago, and I jerked him off a bit, but then I think there must be more. What else am I supposed to do? Am I missing something? Obviously, I don’t have balls, so I can’t fathom why he wants them tied. I don’t understand bondage at all. If someone tied me up, I’d be spending so much time and energy trying to figure out how to get loose that I wouldn’t “enjoy” the moment. I know I don’t have to understand it. I just have to do it. But I get stuck on the is-there-more-to-this aspect.

Maybe 4.0 will step up and figure out how to get around that. I do have my moments. There have been many times that I’ve effectively tied Lion up and not worried about what’s next. He was tied tightly. His balls were shiny with the skin stretched. They bounced along as I jerked him off. He was having fun. I was having fun. Admittedly, it happens less often than it should. I know 4.0 can rectify that situation. She doesn’t have to be mean about it like she is with punishment. She needs to take charge and do evil things to Lion. I know he’d appreciate it.

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