Like almost every chastity blogger, over time, I tend to forget that many couples starting out may not know how things often play out over time. First of all, almost everyone who tried using a chastity device does it as part of a sexy game. There is no intention to keep the man wearing it for more than a short time. It is sexy fun. Some people, both in and out of relationships, decide that wearing a chastity device is too much fun to stop. There are thousands of blogs and forums filled with stories for them.

We started because I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me into a male chastity device. She figured I would lose interest and ask to be let out after a short time. I didn’t. I liked feeling her sexual control. She paid a lot more sexual attention to me after I was in a male chastity device. Other than the inconvenience of taking off and putting me back in a device, Mrs. seemed to like it too.

The device stayed on almost all of the time for about three years. It came off when I went for shoulder surgery and didn’t go back on for months while I recovered. I was locked in again for a while, then I needed to get kidney stones removed. After that, I didn’t wear a male chastity device for more than a few weeks at a time.

That didn’t mean when I was unlocked, I could do what I wanted with my penis. The same rules apply whether or not I am locked into the chastity device. When she locked me for the first time, she told me that I could never masturbate again. For the first three years, I couldn’t. When the device finally came off for an extended period, I had lost interest in getting myself off. I’m not sure it was obedience or just a new habit, but I have no sex unless Mrs. Lion gives it to me.

From what I’ve read, male chastity doesn’t require hardware. Generally, other men have experiences similar to mine. They wear a device for a while, and then the hardware comes off for one reason or another. They remain chaste. I know that some guys take advantage of being wild and sneak a jerk-off session. I’ve never done that. I haven’t even edged myself.

A while ago, Mrs. Lion suggested that maybe she would have me masturbate under her close supervision. I reacted strongly to the idea. Maybe I worried that it would be a Pandora’s Box, and once started, I would feel free to do it without supervision. I also have some perverse pride in not jerking off in over seven years. On reflection, I realize both ideas are silly. Jerking off isn’t like crack cocaine. It isn’t instantly habit-forming. The longstanding record I hold isn’t so much about jerking off. It’s about obedience and long-term chastity. How I get off has nothing to do with that.

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