Yes, I Am In Heat


Ever since she mowed a patch of the lawn for our dog–she doesn’t like high grass tickling her bottom when she pees–Mrs. Lion’s back has been bothering her. [Mrs. Lion — It was hurting before I mowed the lawn.] She made sure to tell me that it wouldn’t interfere if I wanted to play. It bothers me to cause her discomfort to give me pleasure. Since it’s only been four days since my last ejaculation, it’s a small sacrifice to forego sex.

For the record, the lion weather report has been tropical all day. All sorts of kinky and vanilla sexual thoughts have been going through my head and down there. The last time Mrs. Lion made me ejaculate, she added a butt plug for excitement. I admit it; anal stimulation definitely gets things going. Pegging is uncomfortable, and so far, I lose my erection when Mrs. Lion adds anal motion. I’m not sure this is a permanent condition. When I was getting fairly regular anal training, it was getting comfortable, even a little exciting.

I learned that the key to anal training is to move objects with changing shape in and out. A butt plug is a very good motion training tool. It’s fairly easy for me to learn to take a dildo or plug if held still. Motion bothers me. The training I get with a plug is that my anus is constantly forced to open and close as the object moves in and out. The objective is to train it to relax and remain open for easy access. Once I learn that pegging should feel good.

If you wonder if being trained to relax anally will cause leakage or other problems, it won’t. A few minutes after the anal visitation ends, the anus returns to its naturally tightly closed state. The next time something comes knocking, it will relax without a fuss. Then Mrs. Lion can peg me or even fist me. It’s uncomfortable in the beginning. That makes anal training a good way to make me feel my bottom role (forgive the pun).