Step One and a Half: Keep Him Frustrated

Apparently, I need to build up my stamina. Either that or I have to figure out a way (bondage, clothespins, etc.) to get Lion’s motor running before I start sucking him. It was warm in the house. I opened the window, but I should have turned the fan on. I overheated before I could get him to the edge. The good news is that he’s still frustrated. The bad news is that I wanted to get him to the edge.

I could have sworn I tasted precum. That usually signals he’s close. Not so. I guess he hadn’t even gotten in the same neighborhood as close. He was across town but on his way. I wish I could have kept going. Tonight, I’ll make sure the fan is on.

I don’t remember telling him he was a good boy for having an erection. I just came up with that idea on Monday. By Tuesday, I forgot. How pathetic is that? I have a mind like a sieve. I’m constantly surprised when I actually remember something. I’ve even forgotten to buy things that are on the shopping list. I’ll have to make more of an effort to praise him. If only it didn’t make me feel like I’m talking to a little kid.

Every time it takes a while to get Lion to the edge, I wonder if I should give him an orgasm once he makes it that far. You could look at it as a reward for both of us. He gets an orgasm, and I get the cream filling. However, if he hasn’t been tortured along the way, how will he ever be frustrated? I assume part of the fun for him is being made to wait, which includes being edged to make the misery worse. I don’t want to cheat him out of his horniness. On the other hand, if it’s been a while with or without teasing, shouldn’t I clean out the pipes, so to speak? Hit the reset button.

I struggle with this whenever his wait drags on, and one of us is the cause of the delay. Maybe his tummy hurts a few days. Maybe mine does. Maybe I’m too achy. Maybe he’s not interested. Then we wind up with a ten-day wait, and he hasn’t really built up a head of steam. I know, many guys wait far longer than Lion does. A ten-day wait is nothing for them. They’d probably roll their eyes at Lion, saying how frustrated he is after his now-14-day wait. We’ve never had long waits. Not intentional, at least. Lion had a few surgeries that have pushed the actual wait time out a lot. But I don’t really count those times. There was no way Lion was able to get to the edge. He was concentrating on not being in pain.

We’ve had discussions about when his wait actually begins. He says it starts the day after his orgasm. I think it’s the day he starts to feel horny. When we refer to his wait, it’s the number of days since his orgasm. But there are some times he “complains” that he’s been waiting so long, and it’s been ten days, four of which he wasn’t even horny. We haven’t come up with a more reliable system, so we stick with the counter.

Maybe it’s good that I can’t get him to the edge. Every day I leave him frustrated is a win. Maybe it will encourage him to get to the edge faster.