Good Dog, I Mean Boy

When Lion told me it was punishment day on Saturday, apparently, I wasn’t “grateful” for the reminder. He said I sounded bored when I thanked him. I was in the middle of something, so, at the very least, I was distracted. I did respond. Sometimes he says I don’t acknowledge him at all.

This morning, he told me it was punishment day. I made sure to give him my full attention, and I told him he hadn’t gotten himself in trouble. I also told him he was a good boy. From time to time, he tells me I don’t tell him he’s a good boy very often either. For the record, I don’t tell him he’s a bad boy very often either. I guess those two phrases still sound ridiculous to me. It’s like I’m talking to the dog. But I try to remember to do it sometimes because I know Lion likes the pageantry of it all. [Lion — In some ways talking to her lion is the same as talking to the dog.]

Yesterday, I said Lion shouldn’t feel guilty when I do things for him. I wasn’t ruling anything in or out. Apparently, I need to work on things (a lot of things) like the pageantry aspect. It’s been difficult for me to tell him why I’m spanking or even ask him why he’s being punished. Why is that so hard? Again, it’s like I’m talking to the dog. “Bad dog! Why did you barf on the rug?” But I will make an extra effort to tell him he’s a good dog; I mean good boy.

I guess I could even tell him he’s been good when I try to get him hard, and it doesn’t work. He’s trying. It’s not like he’s willfully not getting hard. Maybe if I praise him for trying, he’d be able to get there the next time. I don’t know. Just thinking. [Lion — That’s a good idea! It’s less pageantry than feedback.]


  1. Probably he is a little capricious and wants to be encouraged at least in short phrases.

  2. If only my wife would speak to me like the dog! I sometimes find myself jealous when she mentions the dog she had as a kid!

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