Rubbing Lion the Right Way

I managed to wax the front half of Lion yesterday before my back was shot. It’s not unusual to do the waxing in two parts. However, today I am sore. My body is angry about trimming the hedges. I feel like I usually did in the first days of soccer practice. Even if I ran all summer and did ball handling skills, those first few days of practice kicked my ass. When Lion asked if I was finishing up waxing today, I told him I was pretty sore. He said it probably didn’t matter anyway. He sounds like Eeyore when he says things like that. “Thanks for noticing.” I love Eeyore. He’s depressed and depressing, but that makes him more endearing. In Lion’s case, it just makes him sound pathetic. I guess I’ll start the wax so I can finish Eeyore’s backside.

lion being edged

While I was rubbing oil in to loosen the remaining wax, I rubbed my weenie. Lion was very hard. As I rubbed him with a towel to get the wax off, I also rubbed my weenie. I’m sure Lion thought I was done every time I stopped, but I kept going back. Each time he was hard. I told him I should bring the oil into the bedroom to continue later. I think we did that once. We got oil all over the place. It’s not worth the mess, but it does work a lot better than any lube we own. [Lion — It’s light mineral oil we get on amazon.]

I thought I could get him to the edge last night. I was going to give him an orgasm. Then I decided that he’d only been teased once to the edge since his last orgasm. I’m sure he’s horny, but I haven’t exactly frustrated him yet. Unfortunately, my neck started hurting. If he had been closer to the edge, I would have kept going. I can power through the pain sometimes. But he wasn’t anywhere near the edge. He apologized. It was my fault. I should have taken Tylenol so I felt better. I’ll have to take some before waxing and, if the timing is right, I’ll take more before we play. I can’t let tiredness and achiness win all the time.


  1. hmm loved the analogy of how one feels after the first few pracitises even tho one worked out on ones own, i can tell you after playing football for 17 years it really comes done to having contact and others to push one self. i do love a good waxing. last time i was waxed i was gagged – to keep tohe screaming down lol

  2. This Eeyore doesn’t seem to hear that your back hurts. Where is his empathy?

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