Lion had a long set of doctor appointments yesterday morning. When we got home, I had to get right to work. Then I made dinner and took a shower. Lion said he didn’t get much sleep, and he snoozed a bit during Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. I figured we were both a bit done from the day, so I didn’t make any attempt to play.

Around 9, Lion said he guessed we weren’t doing anything. Okay. I moved over and started playing with him. He said it felt good, but he guessed he was too tired to get anywhere. Soooooo, why did he ask if we were doing anything? I don’t get it. I don’t mind playing with him and trying to get him hard with no success, but why ask if he’s too tired anyway. Ugh. [Lion — I didn’t ask. I just wanted to confirm that Mrs. Lion wasn’t planning anything. I was tired.]

I noticed he forgot to set up the coffee pot again. Just before bed, he asked if he had done it. I’m not going to tell him. I mean, on the one hand, it would save him a trip into the kitchen if I knew he already did it, but it’s not my responsibility to help him keep track. After he was done, I asked if he saved his buns. He wondered if I’d spank an already sore butt. Of course, I would if he made me do it. If those buns were more tender than they were the other day, I could always soap his mouth instead. But I maintain that it’s not up to me whether he gets spanked or not. It’s all up to him and whether he behaves himself.

Yesterday, I was trying to tell him something, and he interrupted me. I growled at him. I don’t think I ever really finished telling him what I wanted to tell him. I think this is why I stop telling him things. Who wants the hassle of being interrupted? He defends himself by saying he needs certain information, but I think it can wait. Maybe at some point, I’ll progress to spanking him for it. Then I bet he’ll stop doing it. Until then, maybe I need to be holding a paddle while I try to tell him something. He might not interrupt if he feels the impending doom.

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