It might have been because it was late-ish when I started trying to play with Lion, but he wasn’t very responsive. It sounded like I was making headway, but Mr. Weenie never got hard. Eventually, Lion said maybe we should wait a day. He said I was probably hurting my shoulder anyway. It’s a difficult angle with him under the covers. He pointed out that the angle wouldn’t be difficult if I were under the covers too. True, but then I’d be hot. Would it not work for him to come out from under the covers? Do I have to do all the work? Maybe I need to tell him to get his ass out if he wants any action.

The thought occurred to me that I could spank him for not getting hard. I think that would be going too far. Sometimes, for fun, I snap my fingers and say, “Up. Up, boy.” Of course, it never works, and I never expect it to work. I’m just silly. I know he can have an erection without physical stimulus, but I don’t think he should be punished for not getting hard.

I’m not sure if he’s having any trouble sitting today. [Lion — I am! It still hurts.] I didn’t check to see if I’d actually bruised him. It was enough to know he was sore the next day. He told me I could spank him again if I needed to, even if he was bruised. He hoped I didn’t have to, but I could. There was a scary moment when he dropped food on his shirt. If it left a stain, he would have been in trouble. Thankfully, for him, there was no stain. Whew! That was a close one. I told him I could always use some soap if he were bruised. That eliminates the possibility of doing damage – to his buns, at least.

We seem to be having some issues with disagreements lately. Lion seems to want to press his point. After the first back and forth, I think he should stop. What’s done is done. Does it really matter who said what when? As soon as I have to raise my voice (which I don’t normally do), we are done. I’m not talking about anything of any consequence. I mean, if one of us said X and the other said X right after or even at the same time, who cares who said X? X was said. Done. Do we really need to fight about X? And, no, I’m not backing down. Isn’t part of being Lioness 4.0 taking charge of a situation and growling?

Of course, if it’s something significant, then we should discuss it. That’s different. I’m not trying to take over the entire marriage. I’m just trying to flex my muscle where it makes sense to do so. Isn’t that what Lion wants? [Lion — Yup.]

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