How Did You Learn?

Lately, it seems that my red bottom is a topic of interest to Mrs. Lion. Her posts focus on spanking me. For that matter, my posts do too. It’s typical of the way we operate. We seldom get things “right” the first time. This is true of activities involving sex as well as spanking. We need to put in time and effort before finding our center.

I once asked Mrs. Lion how she learned to jerk a man off. She seemed surprised at the question and didn’t really have a clear answer. I have a crystal clear memory of how I learned to do it. Contrary to popular belief, little boys aren’t born knowing how to masturbate. Sure, we play with our little weenies but remain ignorant of the reason one would do it. I never thought my erections were associated with anything. It felt nice when I got one, but that’s it. When I was eleven, a kid I knew from school asked if he could come over and play.

The house was empty. We had a live-in maid. She was off Sundays and Thursdays. It was Thursday. We went up to my room. He suggested we get naked. That wasn’t very unusual. The innocent sexual play was something we did on occasion. It was usually minor genital touching. We had no notion of what to do. It was just a forbidden kind of play. So, he and I got naked. He asked if I would like him to teach me something. I agreed. He sat next to me on the bed and jerked me off.

I couldn’t believe the feeling. I was too young to produce semen. In fact, he kept going, and I kept having orgasms. He was a year older and much more mature. After he stopped, he jerked off. I never saw that before. It was a most educational afternoon. From then on, I understood what my weenie could do. I became a self-abuse frequent flyer. I wonder how Mrs. Lion learned. Did her previous husband teach her? I believe he was her first. How did other guys learn? I wonder. I imagine that younger men learned on the Internet. That wasn’t around when I was eleven. I am very curious about how women learned. It wasn’t intuitive for me. Was I unusual?