Dreaming of a Vacation

Last night, just after I got home and settled and Lion said he was hungry, I realized it feels like I’m chasing my tail. This morning, I realized I might be burned out in some capacity or another. I don’t know how much of that can be attributed to weaning myself off the anxiety meds and how much is just normal I-need-a-vacation feeling. I don’t feel anxious, so I’m leaning toward it being just normal frustration.

Lion asked if I wanted to go out for dinner the other day. I didn’t. He said he wanted to give me a break from cooking. I get it. That’s very nice. I didn’t want to go through the whole procedure of going out. I want to vegetate. If I didn’t have to feed Lion, I’m not sure I’d make much of an effort to feed myself. PB and J sound good. Whatever takes the least amount of energy.

Having said all that, I still want to play with Lion. I’ve been pretty achy lately, but I tried last night. It was bothering my shoulder, so Lion said that it didn’t make sense for me to hurt myself since he wasn’t very interested. I need to hit the old bottle of Tylenol again. It worked the other day. I think that was the day Lion had his orgasm. Maybe Tylenol equals orgasm. As long as it wasn’t every day, I don’t think Lion would mind.

Lion’s pubic hair is very sparse, but long enough to tickle my nose.

As I was trying to get a reaction out of my weenie, I noticed the fur at the base of his penis. I guess it’s waxing time again. Oh, joy. Actually, It doesn’t take all that long anymore. I’m not sure the fur anywhere else has grown out that much. Perhaps I’ll have to do a closer inspection tonight. How are the balls doing? Do they need waxing too? Or is it just those pesky furs that tickle my nose? If it is just them, is there a way to get rid of them without melting all the wax and going through the whole procedure? I need a miniature lawnmower. I could trim them to buy us some time until the rest of his fur needs to be waxed. But first, I’ll have to survey the area.

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  1. A miniature lawn mower is an interesting idea. Maybe she could save some wax.

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