The Phrase That Pays

For the past few weeks, I’ve been tired and achy, especially in the afternoon. I’ve had almost nonstop sinus pressure. Part of me wonders if it’s my body adjusting to coming off of the anxiety drug, and part of me wonders if it’s all in my head. I was home all day Thursday, so I can’t blame the afternoon blech on the difference between home environment and work environment. It’s not even just the sinus headache, tiredness, and achiness. For some reason, whatever I eat feels like a brick in my stomach. It seems okay when I eat and turns to a brick afterward. Even the salad we ate last night did it. I’m a mess.

The worst part about being a mess is that it takes time and energy away from Lion. Thursday night, I was able to suck him for a while before he said he wasn’t getting anywhere. I didn’t feel so bad that night. Last night was a different story. If right now is any indication, tonight doesn’t look very good either. I had to lift our portly golden retriever into the car so that she could get a bath. I’ll likely have to lift her in when we pick her up. Neither shoulder is happy about it. I can take some Tylenol later, and that may help the achiness. It has worked before. Maybe I’ll take some with dinner so it will be working by the time we’re ready to go.

Lion is wondering about new rules or even enforcement of the rules already in place. Indeed, I haven’t been enforcing the interrupting or know-it-all issues. I consider his steamrolling a form of know-it-all-ism. He knew the best way to schedule our flights for our trip. He knew the best day to go and return. He knew the best hotel to use. And then he complained when it was so expensive. I went on Expedia and found it cheaper, but he doesn’t trust sites like that. Know-it-all lion.

I don’t want to expend the energy to punish him for those things because I’ve been so tired and achy lately. I need to pick my battles. Why do I say “whatever” when we start to disagree? It’s just not worth it. Unless I have a very strong opinion on a subject, I let it go. At the most, I growl at Lion. He was short with a pharmacy tech a little while ago. I told him to relax. He even complained to the pharmacist about her, and the pharmacist defended her. Beyond that, I didn’t say anything. Maybe I need to find a phrase that I can use in public to let him know he’s getting close to a growl or punishment. It could be as simple as asking him if he’s sure he wants to go there. That’s innocent-sounding enough not to raise any eyebrows. On the other hand, maybe he needs to be shamed in public. I’ll have to think of what that might be.

Maybe Lion has some suggestions. He’s pretty good at coming up with ideas he’ll hate in the long run.

[Lion — I know that Mrs. Lion uses spanking for punishment. Maybe at times, she needs to postpone the punishment, she can just let me know. I think a sort of appetizer punishment like mouth soaping is a way to respond immediately until she is ready to spank me. I agree that it’s important to let me know that trouble is coming. I think the key is that regardless of how she chooses to communicate it, she needs to respond every time she “catches” me. Otherwise, she will never form the disciplinary habits we both want.]


  1. Good morning, I have followed you off and on for a while now (actually must blogs I follow off and on, or as I get an opportunity). Usually I do not make comments because I am days and weeks behind.

    This is one topic that seems close at heart. I am in a WLM. While my Wife has chosen to punish (spank) less I still feel it is an area that we could improve in but it is her call. I say that to say I feel that we would be better off if my Wife would have less of the “whatevers” and use the paddle a lot more. Not sure if I know or remember how y’all came into your relationship but it is something that sort of happened and then I pushed/asked for it and she agreed. So, I asked for this and maybe lion did too. I know I mess up even when I try not too and would like to be a better husband. I also don’t want my Wife to have “whatever” moments but to direct me and often in the “whatever” moments the best way to direct is with her paddle.

    It’s too early in the morning as I write this so I hope it all makes sense.


    1. Author

      I know I should use the paddle more often. That’s what Lion wants. Sometimes I just need time to not be “on”.

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