Crash Test Lion


The other day, while I was waxing Lion, he got very excited when I started jerking him off. I had a lot of oil on him. Things were very slippery. I noticed that he seemed to be at the perfect height. My back wasn’t hurting. However, I had another side of Lion to wax so I couldn’t dawdle.

That night, he said he was amazed at how excited he’d gotten. He theorized that it was a combination of the oil and the angle that did it. I decided to see if we could recreate it in the bedroom. It wasn’t really a surprise when we couldn’t. First of all, I wasn’t using oil. It was a water based lube. I’m not sure if silicone based would have worked better or not. Maybe it really does have to be oil. The second problem was the angle. I was sitting next to him. I was twisted and my back was starting to hurt. Standing next to him was worse.

I’ve suggested we could use the waxing table again to see if we can recreate his excitement. Getting oil all over the place isn’t an issue and the angle will be better. I also realized I don’t know which hand I was using. Lion wondered what the difference was. I think it depends on whether my fingertips are on the bottom or top of his penis. On the bottom, they can hit all the good spots.

Aside from the oil and angle, I wonder if the change of scenery made him excited. Maybe it was the fact that I was touching him all over when I applied the oil to get residual wax off. It could be any number of things. It will be fun trying to figure out what works. I love experimenting on Lion. He’s such a willing test subject.


  1. Of course, a change of scenery affects the mood. At least the environment is important to me.

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