New Spanking Technique Attempt Number One

If you read Lion’s post this morning, you’ve seen the results of my first attempt at the spanking technique he wrote about. I’m not sure I did it exactly as shown in the video. For one thing, Lion isn’t over my knee. We don’t seem to fit together well that way. I also think my swats were delivered more rapid fire. I didn’t pause between them. At least not between most of them. When I thought about it, I slowed down.

Lion asked if I like the new technique. To me, there doesn’t seem to be much difference. Obviously, my way is a burst of ten swats on one cheek and then ten on the other. Last night I alternated swats between cheeks. Sure, I don’t need to count to ten before moving on, but isn’t the end result the same? It’s not like I had an aha moment and decided this is the way to go from now on. I’m undecided. When I asked Lion if he preferred the new way to the old, he couldn’t answer. He said it was difficult to figure it out. Mmhmm. Exactly what I was thinking.

I have no idea how long I swatted him or even how many swats I delivered. I guess I should have kept track. My guess is it was well over five minutes. Lion got very red and I think some bruises might have formed. He said he definitely felt it. However, he did have a few thoughts on how to improve.

lion's spanked butt
This tender area was missed. The lower, center area is where he will feel it whenever he sits.

He noticed that I hit mostly on the sides. From my perspective, I was hitting on the lower part of his cheeks – his “sit spot”. Apparently I need to figure out how to spread his cheeks apart somehow so I’m hitting where I think I’m hitting. He suggested I hit across the crack. That might help, but I think spreading will help more.

The other thought he had was that I don’t announce when the beating will start. I guess he can’t tell when the warm up has ended and the “real” swats are coming. I assumed he could tell when the swats got harder and/or faster. I’ll have to figure out a way to delineate the different swats.

Lion said he thought I was using a fairly light paddle. I used the hairbrush paddle. He said it’s a mean one. For some reason it didn’t feel mean to him at the time. When I picked it, I knew it was a mean one. I almost chose a different one because the hair brush is short. I’ve been picking paddles with a longer handle lately. Maybe I should have gone with my gut.

To be fair, I’ll keep trying this new spanking technique until I figure out if I like it or hate it. I’m not committing to using one technique over the other even if I like the new way. I like to change things up to keep Lion guessing. I can’t let him know what evil tricks I have up my sleeve.


  1. Interesting. And who lubricates his wounds with cream after a spanking? You or him.

  2. I like a smaller, tighter, shorter-handled implement, and I like to spread his legs and pull his butt cheeks apart to very deliberately spank those tender bits in the inner ass cheeks and inner thighs. I definitely like the edge of the paddle to graze his anal ring. I have no qualms about pushing his genitals out of the way to get higher up and deeper into the inner thighs. I also like to pull up on his ass cheek and punish where butt meets thigh, but with new, stretched skin there. Just some ideas!

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