The Big Game

Today is the Super Bowl. We don’t care about either team except that we want Tom Brady’s team to lose. Always. We do nachos and have chips and dip and generally have our own little party. We could play spankball. We can’t pause the game because our local affiliate is playing chicken with DirecTv and not broadcasting anything right now. We have to watch it another way and we can’t record or pause. If nothing else, we could catch up on swats during halftime if we need to. We don’t care about the halftime show, but we do like the commercials.

I had thought maybe we’d play before the game, but it starts early for us. It should be done by 6:30 or 7 and that still gives us some time before it gets too late. Plus, if we play spankball, Lion will be all primed for some play. He’ll be thinking about his sore buns and that might make my weenie get hard. Yeah. I’m leaning toward playing spankball. I wonder what Lion thinks. I’m sure he’ll be hoping for a low-scoring game. Maybe, because I hate Tom Brady so much, Lion should get three swats for every point Tampa Bay scores and only two for Kansas City. Too bad the swats are spread out over the course of the game. Lion’s butt can have a rest between each set. Or, we could do all the swats for the first half during halftime and the second half after the game. We could even wait until the game is over. So many choices. [Lion — Swats after the game would have the most effect.]

I just hope our tummies are okay today. So far so good but we don’t know what set them off yesterday. I’ve been looking forward to nachos and chips and dip. I hope we can enjoy the game, spankball or no spankball. But spankball definitely. Yeah. Poor Lion butt.

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  1. It seems to me that the most interesting variant of spankball will turn out if you play during the break and after the game.

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