My Nether Regions

What do you like to see? What do you like to show? The answers to these questions reveal some major gaps in the way we behave. Since the Web is reasonably anonymous, many people, including me, feel safe showing anything. I go through periods of imagining that our readers want to see my genitals or butt. Other times, I think about what I want to see and realize that I’m not particularly interested in seeing other men’s junk. Nothing is exciting about seeing a guy model a chastity device. Yet, many men make a closeup of their encased penises their profile pictures.

I admit that there is a sort of naughty thrill in showing you my nether region. I haven’t gotten any feedback that these images are particularly interesting to women or men who read our blog. I have to assume that the reader’s reaction is either negative or neutral. Too bad. I do feature my rear end when I show you paddles and other spanking implements. This is because it gives you a realistic idea of the tool’s size relative to where it is used.

We’ve been around for a while, and our site is listed as “adult,” so there is little risk that anyone would be shocked. I think showing a male chastity device locked on a penis is useful to illustrate fit and finish. Pictures of empty devices are more difficult to interpret. Better yet, seeing different devices on the same penis gives good comparative data. I can’t think of any other useful reason to display my cock and balls.

Ass pictures are a little different. I think there is value in showing the after-effects of a spanking. It graphically demonstrates how effective the spanking was. Like male chastity devices, illustrating various spanking results on the same bottom gives useful comparative data. I have gotten male feedback on the apparent severity of spankings we’ve shown. To date, no female visitors have commented on them.

I like publishing images with our posts. Since our subject matter is almost exclusively my genitals and ass, there are few opportunities to show anything else. I look for cartoons and relevant lion pictures. They get old fast. So, it’s just words or more pictures of my nether regions. Any thoughts?


  1. I love your courage to accompany your texts with your own photographs. And besides, there is a certain honesty in this towards your reader. When you write that I was beaten in the butt and that my ass was covered with bruises, we see these bruises and can estimate how intense the spanking was. Of course, it is always more pleasant to look at a young beautiful ass, but that is what it is.

    1. Author

      I wish I had a young, beautiful ass too. However, Mrs. Lion is very fond of mine.

  2. I love your locked cock! Would love to see it more 🙂

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